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David Johnston MP enjoys quick lesson on escalator & travelator cleaning

* Rosemor-MP-visit.jpgDavid Johnston, Member of Parliament for Wantage, visited Rosemor International in Wallingford, Oxfordshire, last month, where he was treated to a demonstration of Rosemor's range of escalator and travelator cleaners, by Rosemor's managing director Efi Rosen.

David says he was pleased to learn that these products were manufactured in the UK and sold to over 59 countries around the world.

"In these challenging times, cleaning has become more important than ever," says Efi. "Deep cleaning performed in a professional way is essential. Planning of cleanliness and hygiene procedures is something that just cannot be ignored nowadays.

“Our products are approved to BSI9001 and TUV standards.”

Rosemor has two leading products:

* Rotamatic.jpg

• The Rotamatic (pictired above) can deep clean both the horizontal and vertical steps of an escalator, automatically and simultaneously. Easily transported on its trolley, the machine sits on a stationary escalator. It sprays a fine mist of solution onto the step and its 15 rotating brushes of different lengths and materials sweep any dirt and debris into the machine before efficiently scrubbing and deep-cleaning the surface. The process will remove tough dirt and grease without damaging the escalator’s surface, leaving it clean and dry with no risk of contamination to lubricating oils in the escalator drums or damage to electrical circuits.

* T10-in-use2.jpg

• The T10 (pictured above) automatic deep cleaner for horizontal travelators, which plugs into the Rotomatic and cleans while the escalator or travelator is moving. It is especially useful when quick cleans are needed on either a travelator’s surface or the horizontal part of an escalator’s step – such as in busy airport terminals or shopping centres to clean up spillages while avoiding disruption. The T10’s 10 counter-rotating brushes reach deep into the grooves achieving great results. A powerful vortex recovery system provides the suction, leaving the surface 100% dry and ready for immediate use.

“As a result of this machine’s speed and high performance, there is no longer a need to clean out of hours, or close escalators or travelators for long periods of time,” says Efi. “Should a spillage occur, this machine is quick to maintain the image your company aims to preserve!

“Customers have been incredibly happy with the machines and impressed with the results that have been achieved and the support they have received from Rosemor.

“Rosemor's motto is 'Rosemor Cares More' and testimonials from customers and repeat sales back that up.”

T: +44 (0)1491 838011
W: www.rosemor.com* Rosemor.jpg

22nd October 2020

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