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I hadn't meant to follow on from last week's leader about student accommodation but just had to post this pic of the loo my friend's son was faced with when he arrived at his privately-run university digs this week: disgusting in normal times, but with Covid-19 apparently now latching onto the UK's youngsters, unforgivable! It wasn't just the loo; the housemates were forced to clean the entire house and this included rubbish removal and washing dishes. I hope they charge the landlady minimum wage rate or above - and for the materials used. Who'd be an end-of-tenancy cleaner if that's how these premises are left? 

I rarely mention new products in my leaders but like the cleaning cloth Vernon Holmes was pictured holding last time I did so 17 months back, which had numbered sections to ensure it was used efficiently, there are times I'm so taken with new ideas that I can't help myself. Today it's KinderStep, (more below) which enables children and the vertically challenged to wash their hands in public washrooms properly, without having water running down their arms and dripping off their elbows onto the floor. What a great idea and one I can see becoming as popular with the public as baby changing facilities now are!

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KinderStep reminded me of how, years ago, I learned that my 'vertically challenged' friend Bob hated one local pub because he couldn't reach the urinals and issues were created if he was 'caught short' when the one cubicle was occupied. He emerged from the washrooms red-faced, flanked by two chuckling male friends who regaled us with an action replay of how they'd had to hook their arms under Bob's armpits to lift and hold him so he could do what he needed to - easy enough when sober but precarious after a few beers. We all laughed, but now older and wiser, I can see that this can't have been very dignified for Bob. I do hope that those installing a KinderStep at the basins in the 'gents' will also consider fixing one in urinal banks where there aren't already children's facilities.



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Jan Hobbs

10th September 2020

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