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Taski unveils IntelliSpray technology for businesses tackling post-pandemic health concerns

* IntelliSpray-Protects.jpgIntelliSpray technology, newly developed by Taski, is a fully integrated solution that allows facilities to scrub floors and disinfect them in a single pass, achieving a new standard in hygiene - the ultimate cleaning machine, now with integrated disinfection.

As the world emerges from the strictest of lockdown conditions, businesses face a variety of challenges, most prominent of which is the health of workers and customers. Lingering concerns regarding cleanliness and pathogens will elevate hygiene expectations and facilities are responsible for exceeding those expectations. IntelliSpray forms a core component of Taski's support for businesses facing these challenges.

IntelliSpray comprises three parts. A 20-litre disinfectant tank feeds a multi-nozzle system that coats floors and vertical surfaces simultaneously with your chosen disinfectant. Emitting a fine mist of 60-micron droplets, three nozzles coat a wide-angle are at the rear of the machine while two more nozzles are side mounted for cleaning vertical surfaces and furniture. Finally, a hand spray attachment is also incorporated, allowing operators to perform precise, on-the-spot, disinfection as required.

"The post-pandemic environment is going to present businesses with many challenges when it comes to the reopening and running of their premises,” says Marcel Muller, global marketing director floorcare machines at Taski. “Elevated concerns about hygiene and health need to be met and exceeded to fully reassure staff and customers of their safety. The businesses that do more to visibly demonstrate their cleanliness, will appeal more to consumers.

“IntelliSpray is a big step forward for our machines; facilities now have control of the cleaning and disinfecting of floors and surfaces in a single unit. IntelliSpray brings extra functionality, efficiency and visibility to the cleaning process for facilities of all kinds."

IntelliSpray extends the power of Taski cleaning machines, elevating hygiene protection to a new level. The system is available on all new ride-on machines, or as an enhancement to your existing fleet.

Alongside IntelliSpray, Taski has developed additional products to support businesses attaining their desired hygiene standards. The BP15 Sprayer is a lithium-ion battery powered mobile spraying unit. With adjustable nozzles and droplet sizes it's an adaptable solution that reaches beyond the areas a ride-on can cover. Taski Dry Steamers use minimal amounts of water and electricity to generate highly effective cleaning results. Compatible with all but the most sensitive surfaces, they generate high-pressure, high-temperature steam that deep cleans, removing soilage, and thermally disinfects, leaving surfaces clean and safe.

Taski has developed and delivered innovative technology for over 60 years. For business that want the highest quality, design and reliability, Taski provides products and services that deliver the ultimate hygiene result.


3rd September 2020

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