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Service high footfalls easily with the Pedal Pro 7000 hand sanitising station

* FIG1.jpgAre you servicing high footfalls? Want to keep your venue as Covid safe throughout the day for staff, visitors, and pupils? Struggling to keep up with demand on your hand sanitiser station? Then the Pedal Pro 7000 is your solution!

Since the Covid-19 outbreak, the hygiene and safety of staff, visitors and attendees has become the No.1 priority for businesses. The challenge is even greater for those welcoming large footfalls. Whole industries are now facing so many challenges in their day-to-day operations, particularly those with large footfalls such as event spaces, museums, offices, schools and universities.

* FIG-2.jpgLuckily, FIG Products can make hand sanitisation one less thing for you and your business to worry about, with the Pedal Pro 7000. The simple refill hand sanitiser unit holds over seven-litres of sanitiser solution when full, dispensing a whopping 14,000+ shots of sanitiser per tank! The hands-free, pedal pump-operated unit means that there is no touchpoint contact for users’ pre-hand sanitisation. This makes the Pedal Pro ideal for large venues’ entry points.

Made from robust, powder-coated steel, the pedal station is suitable for both outdoor and indoor usage. It is also incredibly secure - with a lockable sanitiser tank, and the ability to affix the unit directly to the floor. And, once the unit needs replenishing, you simply top up the liquid * FIG-focus.jpgwith the sanitiser of your choice, pouring it into the tank to fill.

Benefits of the Pedal Pro 7000:

* Service more people with less maintenance
* Hands-free operation
* Robust and secure
* Simple and easy top-up/replenishment
* A full tank dispenses over 14,000 shots of sanitiser
* Holds over seven-litres of sanitiser

The Pedal Pro 7000 dispenser comes in two colours predominantly - white or black powder-coated steel. Personalised colour options are available on unit orders of 200+, with the option of branding and/or text at an additional cost.

The Pedal Pro 7000 is ideal for event venues, schools, universities, stadiums, shopping centres, * FIG-foot.jpgcinemas… Anywhere that serves a high footfall and wants to save time on replenishment of hand sanitiser units while ensuring the safety of staff and customers.

To find out more or make an enquiry:

T: 01425 205 527

3rd September 2020

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