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Secure sanitation the sustainable way, with TomCat

* sanitise-package.jpgWith the Coronavirus pandemic running rampant we cannot afford to take any chances with our cleaning equipment or processes and TomCat's floor cleaning machines will help cleaning contractors go that extra mile in terms of both hygiene and sustainability, whilst cutting costs.

TomCat's new on-board Zer03+ system - which now comes with the Suds system included in the package on the company's pedestrian and ride-on scrubber driers, offers the best of both worlds. It produces on demand, unlimited amounts of aqueous ozone from plain tap water- which, like chlorine, is a powerful oxidiser - so there is no chance of degradation or dilution of the product as is experienced with some other chemical free systems.

The system will clean hard floors during daily use, reducing both the carbon footprint and the harmful bacteria that can build up both on the floor and inside the machine itself, but if deeper cleaning or floor preparation is required, the operator can, at the flick of a switch, bring the Suds system into play. This will inject chemical from a reservoir at a preset dilution into the water which feeds the scrub deck.

When the task requiring Suds is completed, again at the flick of a switch, the system can revert to Zer03 or just water again.

Studies conducted in partnership with local fitness centres showed a greater than 50% increase in surface cleaning performance using Zer03; studies conducted with local veterans’ hospitals showed a greater than 50% increase in exhaust air cleanliness using the system.

As well as dramatically reducing the amount of chemical required to maintain a facility, this system cuts transportation requirements, reduces packaging, minimises storage and reduces hazards.

The Sanitation Zero3 series, which come in 13, 21 and 30cm wide versions, incorporates Green Antimicrobial Tanks that can make unlimited amounts of oxidising solution. These tanks are made from plastics infused with antimicrobials which have agents that kill or inhibit the growth of bacteria and fungi on tank surfaces. They incorporate a hand-held spray gun & separate ‘disinfectant reservoir’ to enable the operator to easily clean other surfaces 'on the go'.


13th August 2020

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