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Kaivac introduces 'finish-friendly' hospital-grade disinfectant to help fight Covid

* morrison-tom-kaivac.jpgIn its ongoing effort to help cleaning professionals protect the health of building users - and keep businesses open and operating - Kaivac has just introduced KaiSan II.

According to Tom Morrison, vice president of marketing for Kaivac, KaiSan II is a no-rinse, hospital-grade disinfectant, effective against a broad spectrum of pathogens including:

- Covid-19 (Coronavirus)
- HIV-1 (AIDS virus)
- Hepatitis B and C
- Avian/Bird Flu

"Just so we are clear, a hospital-grade disinfectant is a separate category of disinfectants," says Tom. "It means the disinfectant has been proven effective at eliminating many types of nosocomial (healthcare-acquired) bacterial pathogens.

"As the name implies, they are generally used in hospitals, clinics, dental offices, or other healthcare-related facilities.

"This new disinfectant is designed specifically for use in restrooms and kitchens, not just in medical settings, but also in schools, universities, and most all commercial locations.

"We developed it to work with all Kaivac No-Touch Cleaning systems but it can also be applied using low-pressure sprayers as well as wet misting systems."

Like other manufacturers in the professional cleaning industry, Kaivac has regrouped, putting more time, talent, and resources into developing products that can help fight the pandemic.

KaiSan II is just the latest example of its efforts.

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13th August 2020

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