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“It never rains but it pours” is a saying we have in the UK which describes how, when one thing goes wrong, other things seem to go wrong too, so effectively, there’s a deluge of bad things all happening at roughly the same time.

In recent years the meaning has shifted a bit to encompass events that one might normally consider to be good, but which, when an event is ongoing, all becomes a bit much (i.e. too much of a good thing). This may explain why people have been using it to describe the weather this year; which has in some parts of the world broken records in terms of temperatures reached and the duration of hot spells. Where I live in Southeast England, we’re complaining about the searing heat and lack of rain, as opposed to the normal: “What’s happened to Summer?”. Parts of Scotland and Wales have suffered flooding though, which means that once again cleaning teams will be forced to show how adaptable they are by switching from Covid-related cleaning and sanitising operations to flood restoration work.

Most of the sanitising operations depicted by mainstream media, show operatives in head-to-toe PPE, brandishing a sprayer in what looks like a spotless environment. This doesn’t give the general public a great idea of what’s involved since it’s no good sanitising until everything’s been cleaned – but the cleaning part’s never shown, is it?

* Maggoty.jpg

I had to chuckle at a story told by RAMS FM’s Rob Sutherland, whose sanitising team turned up at a university’s kitchen in London a couple of weeks back, to discover that somebody had turned off all the fridges and freezers at the start of lockdown. Before the team could get on with the general cleaning and sanitising they’d planned for, they had the added pleasure of scraping out the decomposing food and maggots from the appliances as well as the stores!

If only mainstream media showed more pictures like these… perhaps then the general public might start to realise what a tough job cleaning can be, and start to treat our cleaners with the respect they deserve - all the time.



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Jan Hobbs

13th August 2020

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