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Hospitality sector needs to heed new cleaning techniques

* Hospitality-sector-Dr-Emma-Saunders.jpgWith hotels, restaurants and cafes all gradually reopening to the public, establishing a thorough cleaning regime now is crucial for the safe return of guests.

The HoReCa sector has seen one of the biggest upheavals in its practices since the pandemic began; closing its doors indefinitely, furloughing staff and installing new safety equipment, and now the challenge to ascertain an ongoing cleaning procedure involving specialist supplies to kill all virus' while also providing a safe environment for both customers and staff.

One of the UK's leading biosciences company is supporting hospitality facilities in their quest to secure safe and effective anti-viral products and incorporate them into their new cleansing schedule. Cardiff-based Genesis Biosciences has developed its own unique anti-microbial, general-purpose sanitiser that is proven to be effective against Covid-19 and is free from any harmful chemicals.

Genesis’ Sanitiser – part of its Evogen Professional range – delivers high performance cleaning and disinfection of all types of hard surfaces. The product has been designed specifically for use in commercial, residential, institutional and industrial applications to provide a safe, efficient and eco-benign way of cleaning and sanitising hard surfaces. The utilisation of natural, biodegradable active ingredients offers a safer alternative to many of the harsh chemicals commonly used for sanitisation.

There are also the health implications of traditional bleach cleaners. A large study commissioned by Asthma UK has identified a link between professions such as facility cleaners - where the use of products with high concentrations of chemicals is common - and the development of asthma in adults.

"The entire hospitality sector is under huge pressure to ensure their facilities are protected against Covid-19 while also maintaining day-to-day cleanliness," warns Dr Emma Saunders, general manager for Genesis Biosciences. "While it is inevitable that hotels and eating premises need chemicals to perform certain cleaning tasks, not all cleaning jobs call for chemical solutions and there can be wider environmental and health implications for both guests and workers if institutes are unaware of the alternative cleaning solutions available."

With regular and thorough cleaning of shared spaces essential during the current pandemic, the number of cleaning supplies being sold has surged. However, not all sanitising products are effective at killing the coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) which causes Covid-19. Genesis Biosciences is one of the few companies in the UK to have gone through rigorous anti-viral testing to validate its surface sanitiser's effectiveness against all enveloped viruses, including COVID-19 and other coronaviruses.

"Receiving the official confirmation means that our customers have 100% peace of mind that the Evogen Professional sanitiser will disinfect hard surfaces, when used according to our directions for use," adds Dr Saunders. "With public concern about germs and bacteria at an all-time high, reassuring customers and the general public is crucial - even more so for individuals and families who want to get back to a sense of 'normality' and eat out at restaurants and enjoy a night away in a hotel."

Genesis has seen a huge increase in demand for its new Evogen Professional natural anti-microbial sanitiser and has supplied more than 60 tonnes of product across the entirety of Europe since the beginning of March. Adapting the product to meet demand, the sanitiser is now available in a 500ml concentrate pack for smaller businesses which comes with an 'environmentally conscious' and cost-effective refill kit and can make up to 10 spray bottles of anti-viral solution.

www.evogenprofessional.com / www.genesisbiosciences.co.uk

30th July 2020

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