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Portable UV tech now sanitises phones and other small items in minutes

* Portable-uv-tech.jpgInvisibleShield has announced the InvisibleShield UV Sanitiser, designed to kill 99.99% of the most common surface bacteria found on mobile devices and other frequently touched items by utilising ultraviolet light. The UV Sanitiser also sanitises other personal items such as keys, credit cards, earbuds, and more.

The US Centre for Disease Control estimates that 80% of common infections are transmitted by hands while another study found an 82% overlap between bacteria on test subjects' fingers and their phones.

During this mobile age, it has become nearly impossible to avoid contact with mobile devices, which expose users to harmful bacteria. This led InvisibleShield to create a solution that allows consumers to safely and seamlessly sanitise their smartphones and other commonplace items, without the use of chemicals, washing, or other cleaning supplies.

"We want to help our consumers stay protected against the harmful bacteria they encounter on a daily basis," says Gavin Slevin, managing director of parent company Zagg International. "Phones go everywhere with us, and easily become a source of bacteria and germs. Sanitising your phone can also be cumbersome, requiring cleaning products not always recommended by device manufacturers, and not always covering a phone's hard-to-reach areas. The InvisibleShield UV Sanitiser was created to help solve this consumer pain point."

The device will work with any smartphone up to 6.9 inches long and utilises multiple UV-C bulbs. A full sanitisation cycle takes about five minutes and is safe for all mobile devices, killing up to 99.99% of the most common surface bacteria to keep devices safe from questionable washing methods. An included USB-A to USB-C cable make sanitising on-the-go simple.

The product features a seamless user experience and advanced safety protocols. Simply place your phone or other items in the sanitiser, press a button, and the noiseless cleaning cycle begins immediately. A progress indicator displays how much time remains in the cleaning cycle. If interrupted before complete, the UV-C lights automatically turn off.


23rd July 2020

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