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Just as throughout the world of work each job varies a great deal, cleaning jobs can be worlds apart in terms of responsibility as well as the cleaning task itself. Throughout this pandemic my concerns have been with the cleaners who really are what you'd consider to be frontline workers: those involved in cleaning our supermarkets, transport systems, pharmacies, hospitals, washrooms etc. as well as those who've had to empty our bins and sort their contents at the refuse and recycling centres... 

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Pressurised and responsible jobs at the best of times but when those involved may be cleaning up after someone with Covid-19, even more so. If they don't get it right, lives are at stake.

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Cleaners - often on very poor pay, really have had to take their lives into their hands and many are still doing so. Once again I take my hat off to them and breathe a sigh of relief that it's not me having to do the job - and not just because cleaning's moved on since I became a British Institute of Cleaning Science-qualified cleaner almost 20 years ago, but because I'm not brave enough.

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On the other hand, you have cleaners such as these in our pictures, (courtesy of Royal Collection Trust/Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II 2020) who are making ready for the partial opening of Buckingham Palace and some of its exhibitions today. Quite some cleaning job eh? Just imagine the damage a stumble could do! Recalling the Jenga-like mess I sometimes made when adding new styles to the window display at a shoe shop in which I worked as a teenager, that's not a cleaning job I'm brave enough to do either!



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Jan Hobbs

23rd July 2020

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