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Contractors blown away by easy fit of phs Warner Howard's newest hand dryer

* Contractors-blown-away.jpgPhs Warner Howard's newest hand dryer is approaching a milestone of 20,000 installations thanks to its groundbreaking features which make it easy to fit, saving on cost and resource.

The Airstream Vitesse incorporates a new fast-clip system which allows contractors to simply fit a backplate during installation.

Once construction is complete, the dryer body can be fitted by a non-electrically qualified person at any time, eliminating the risk of damage during the fit-out process.

This also means any need for future removal for maintenance, repair or replacement is a simple on-site task for a handyman, without requiring servicing by an electrician.

The Airstream Vitesse has been hailed as revolutionary for contractors and architects with its faster, energy-efficient drying time equally appealing to customers and end users. The hand dryer offers a faster dry time of only 11.2 seconds making it efficient and cheaper to run. Its latest sale will see it installed into hundreds of washrooms up and down the country for a popular high-street pub chain.

Manufacturer phs Warner Howard is positioning the Airstream Vitesse as the new Airforce, one of the most popular hand dryers of the last decade. With sales of more than 250,000 units, the Airforce is a familiar product within UK washrooms including pubs, restaurants, supermarkets and workplaces.

When it was launched in 2007, the Airforce was pioneering for its ability to dry at three-times the speed of its competitors with a power rating of just 1.1KW. However, the Airstream Vitesse matches the low power rating and its drying design, incorporating a thin blade of focused air, makes it even faster than the Airforce, cutting the drying time by a third from 17 to 11.2 seconds. In turn, this reduces energy consumption and subsequent running costs as well as being up to 98% cheaper than paper towels.

Mark Hinton, general manager of phs Warner Howard, says: "The Airforce hand dryer is most definitely an old favourite and its longevity in popularity demonstrates the strength of the product. However, we're excited to introduce the Airstream Vitesse as the latest and revolutionary addition to our hand dryer family which not only matches the quality and reliability of the Airforce but offers additional benefits to both contractors and customers.

"The fast-clip installation system is a game-changer for the construction industry; saving time, resource and mitigating the risk of damage. Our customers who have always been loyal to the Airforce are simply being blown away by the Airstream Vitesse and it's set to become the next washroom staple."

4th June 2020

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