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I've come across so many companies and individuals who've bent over backwards to help in the Coronavirus effort, but it was quite by chance that I discovered that our own Numatic (known throughout much of the world for manufacturing the smiling Henry tub-vac) has switched production to churn out face masks and face shields for the protection of frontline workers instead. It's also working on a ventilator design and is even offering to loan additional cleaning equipment for use in frontline healthcare environments, to help ensure that the required extra-hygienic standards are maintained. Well done everyone at Numatic!

I'm sure that Numatic isn't the only company in our industry to be going that extra mile to help us pull through this crisis and I'd love to share news of your efforts with my readers, if you're doing something you feel deserves recognition. And do remember that Cleanzine is read in 163 countries, so I'm not just talking about the British effort here...

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This pandemic has certainly brought out the best in some people, as well as the worst in others, hasn't it? I can remember thinking, back when there was a rush on hand gel and liquid soap that left all our shops emptied of the stuff, that as well as being incredibly selfish, it was stupid too, since however clean your own hands are, if everyone else's hands are dirty and thus likely to be spreading all types of germs, your own likelihood of picking up those germs are even greater. Now we have an issue with discarded gloves... people are using them when they go out and shop, but instead of putting them away safely when they leave the store, they're discarding them wherever they see fit, for someone else to have to pick up. With cleaning teams in some areas decimated through illness or self-isolation, what are the chances of the teams tasked with collecting these potentially contaminated gloves, also handling the culprits' dustbins, I wonder?

Photographer Dan Giannopoulos has turned recording these discarded gloves into a project, there are so many of them (and I can see there's even a discarded mask - how disgusting! You can see Dan's work at www.bbc.co.uk



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Jan Hobbs

9th April 2020

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