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You'll see a news item below which outlines events in much greater detail, but it should go without saying that it brought a huge smile to my face to see the Leader of the Opposition, Jeremy Corby, sing the praises of our cleaners to his fellow MPs as well as anyone else who, like me, had one eye on the BBC's Parliament channel! For once, our Prime Minister Boris Johnson, was in full agreement.

I try to avoid tweeting unless I have something hugely important to say but the statements made, certainly warranted a tweet on this occasion. When I later received a press release from the British Cleaning Council - clearly as delighted as I was that our nation's cleaners were being lauded in Parliament, I posted it on Facebook and am pleased to see that it has been shared several times by some of our industry colleagues in what used to be referred to as the 'Eastern Block', and that these shares have also been shared and commented on by many others. The comment from InfoClean su: “Boris is smart. Be like Boris” made me chuckle!

So the word is spreading: if it weren't for the cleaners, the world would be in a much worse situation than the one it's currently in! Well done not only to those in the frontline, but also those of you who are having to think on your feet and deploy cleaning staff from a contract that has suddenly lapsed because the building’s been shut down, to another which desperately needs all hands on deck. Logistically, it would be difficult under normal circumstances, but to have to do it when many of the staff (and possibly you, yourself) are either unwell or self-isolating, must be a nightmare. And it's not just the staff but all the equipment and disposables that need to be on site at the right time too. Well done everybody – wherever you are in the world – for all you’re doing to keep us all safe.

In the UK there’s been a call for those who’ve previously worked for Network Rail, to get in touch with management if they’re in a position to be able to return to work to cover staff shortages. I certainly hope Transport for London does the same and that those crammed into the early morning tubes can enjoy a safer journey in future. These people are of course considered essential workers; many of them will be cleaners. 



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Jan Hobbs

26th March 2020

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