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New Lavender-Maximum Floor Gel joins Greyland's Maximum eco range

* Lavender-Max.jpgA specially formulated cleaner for removing even the heaviest deposits of oil, grease and grime from floors and other hard surfaces, new Lavender-Maximum offers great results whilst being eco-friendly. It smells pleasant too.

Ideal for commercial and retail outlets and other heavy-traffic areas in particular, as well as for use in general cleaning, this latest product to join Greyland's Maximum eco range is suitable for use on linoleum, PVC, sealed wood, cork and most hard surfaces. It is easy to use and a little goes a long way.

Wearing protective gloves, you simply dilute the product with either warm or hot water to suit the level of soiling encountered on each particular job. The dilution rate is 100ml per litre for heavy soiling, 100ml per three litres of water for general cleaning, or 100ml per five litres of water for light soiling. You damp mop the floor and when dry, burnish it to a shine using a high-speed floor machine and polishing pad.

Like Greyland's other chemicals, this latest product is supplied in a container comprising 31% recycled materials sourced from the UK.

"We are proud to be the first UK cleaning chemicals manufacturer in our market sector taking such steps in eliminating harmful plastics from the environment, whilst significantly reducing our carbon footprint," says Greyland managing director Richard Dyson.

"Thanks to an exclusive partnership with our UK-based plastic bottle manufacturer, as much as 31% of the plastic polymer within our containers is currently made with UK recycled material. We plan to increase this current 31%, higher still.

"Environmental concerns are raising expectations of distributors and end-users alike - and with 98% of our products sold as either 750ml trigger sprays, one-litre angle neck toilet cleaner bottles, or five-litre jerry cans, it makes sense to commit to increasing degrees of sustainability by using as much UK recycled material where we can.

"By using so much less virgin plastic and increasing the element of recycled material used, we at Greyland are helping to fulfil the global desire for less plastic in the environment."

Greyland is ISO 9001 and 14001 compliant and a long-valued member of the Green Business recycling network, Cleaning & Hygiene Suppliers Association, UK Cleaning Products Industry Association and British Safety Council.

T: 0161 343 3830
W: www.greyland.co.uk

5th March 2020

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