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Trash Can Cleaning USA launches program for municipalities to clean residential and business bins

* Trash-can-cleaning.jpgTrash Can Cleaning USA, said to be the largest bin cleaning service in the US, is launching a new program for municipalities. The service cleans residential and business rubbish containers and recycling bins using a specially designed truck.

Previously, customers could order cleaning on-demand or on a subscription basis. Now, entire cities can make the service available to all residents, offering a solution to potentially serious urban hygiene problems.

"We all know that our trash cans are filthy and smell bad," says Darrell Harris, the company’s founder and CEO. "But what people don't generally know is that trash cans can be vectors of disease. Your trash can make you, your family and your pets sick with the flu or worse. That's the problem we solve."

The truck can clean rubbish and recycling bins in 30 seconds. Homeowners’ associations, businesses, apartment complexes and restaurants are using the service. Individuals are able to purchase the service as well.

The new program makes it possible for a city to offer the service on an opt-in basis for residents and businesses. The initial rollout of the program is taking place in Durham, North Carolina, with trash cans being cleaned for 88,000 homes.


27th February 2020

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