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If you’re a regular reader of my leaders you’ll be well aware that one of my bugbears is the lack of consistency in our various local authorities’ recycling regulations: my argument is that by confusing people, or trying to get them to commit too much time and effort to the cause, you’ll lose them along the way and they’ll end up either contaminating the recycling they contribute, or sending perfectly recyclable products to landfill simply because they can’t be bothered to sort it properly.

It’s with quite some interest then that I look forward to taking part in the upcoming webinar: ‘Consistency in collections: key findings from WRAP’s recent one-to-one local authority support’, which takes place on 11th February.

Over the last four years, WRAP has worked with over 120 local authorities across England, helping them to assess their future options for the development of their waste collection and recycling services. With the principle of 'consistency in household recycling' underpinning many of the proposals in the Government's Resources & Waste Strategy, this webinar will share some of the key findings from WRAP's 'consistency' support, highlighting how different collection scenarios performed in the studies.

The webinar is aimed at heads of service, service development managers and other officers involved in designing local authority household waste collection services. And me of course… You can register at: https://wrap.org.uk/

It's always sad to read about heroes having to sell their medals & especially so when it's someone we know... Ex-contract cleaning boss Ronnie Russell was driving home from work in the '70s when he chanced upon an attempted armed kidnap on Anne, the Princess Royal. Several people had been shot but this didn't deter ex-boxer Ronnie who decked the culprit with a couple of punches!

I interviewed him 20 years later whilst editing another industry publication & he struck me as being a lovely man with a great sense of humour. He told me he didn't think twice about his own safety, but did what he had to do. Now struggling with ill health, he plans to sell the medal he was awarded for bravery, to provide for his future. You can read more about Ronnie and join John Austen's fundraiser to help 'one of our own' keep his medal, via: https://www.gofundme.com




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Jan Hobbs

6th February 2020

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