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AfterClean InstaClear and AfterClean ContinuFresh

* AfterClean-Products.jpgQuestion: What do you get when you bring together a fast moving consumer goods innovator, a project management accountant and a shared interest in the environment?

Answer: the owners of AfterClean, a Somerset-based company that produces a range of products to immediately neutralise bad odours and deliver long-lasting fragrance on demand. 

Chris Perry and Matt O'Connor have combined their skills and experience to create AfterClean, which takes odour management products to the next level.

They have drawn inspiration from personal experience of environments that continue to have an odour issue - even after cleaning. The team have identified an important opportunity to complete the full circle of cleaning service delivery and customer satisfaction.

At the centre of the company is an offering that enables service providers to create a tangible benefit without having to resort to the downward spiral of margin negotiation, delivering immediate results with a long-lasting audit trail. AfterClean says it has utilised the latest technology to provide an innovative solution to differentiate itself from other offerings in the market.

AfterClean InstaClear immediately and permanently neutralises odours - odours that often linger after an area has been cleaned. InstaClear uses sustainable plant-based odour neutralising compounds which provide bioconversion of a wide range of unpleasant odours immediately and permanently.
AfterClean ContinuFresh delivers a long-lasting fragrance after the standard clean has been completed. ContinuFresh uses efficient biodegradable microcapsule technology that allows fragrance to be released on demand. The product leaves a tangible impression with the client. The distinctive fresh fragrance underlines the work that has been carried out and continues to impress the client until the next cleaning service. The key benefit of the product is that it works harder when clients are present, since air movement ruptures the capsules; releasing the carefully selected fragrances. If nobody is present the biodegradable cells remain intact for extended periods of time.

These products combine to offer a complete customer solution by eliminating unpleasant odours and delivering a long-lasting fragrance. The products are used after an area has been cleaned, giving extra reassurance to clients that the area has been thoroughly cleaned.

“This separates our products from other cleaning products which already provide exceptional service to return an area back to its original state - but where is the evidence that clients can use to validate this service?” asks the company. “AfterClean provides immediate proof with a space that is odour free and with a fragrance that lasts until your next cleaning visit.

“Application for both products are simple via a standard refillable trigger spray or a fogging machine for larger areas. The products are easy to use, low hazard and a cost-effective way to achieve lasting customer satisfaction.

“AfterClean is the final stage of a great clean, by neutralising odours and delivering a fresh audit trail, it provides the full circle of cleaning service delivery and customer satisfaction.” www.afterclean.co.uk

9th January 2020

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