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Welcome to our first Cleanzine of the new decade. So much has happened since our last broadcast... the world seems to be on something of a precipice, doesn't it, what with the frightening escalation of tensions affecting the Middle East (and potentially beyond), unusually severe weather conditions in many parts of the world and the Brexit agenda - under pressure to be finalised by the end of this month - likely to have severe implications on our cleaning services. Naturally, the world's prayers have been focused on Australia and its need for rain. What a catastrophe to have to deal with and please may it never happen on this scale again!

At the turn of the year, it's customary for us make resolutions to change our lives for the better in some way. And that can go for our businesses too... Why not resolve to improve your company's profile by telling the 100,000 other Cleanzine readers around the world, something about your company: what it does, what it's trying to do, or the products it makes or distributes?

You may perhaps not be involved in the provision of cleaning services and equipment at all, but instead buy or specify these goods and services, or even own or manage a building with a cleaning problem you need help solving. You may have a success story that would help others. One thing we each have in common is that we're all involved in cleaning and hygiene somewhere along the line, but naturally we're each engaged in different parts of the process. What you or your company does may be of vital interest to another, if it saves them time, money, or helps them be more effective.

I often see snippets in LinkedIn and Facebook and many of those contain before and after shots, or videos of cleaning in progress showing a huge difference being made. However proud of these achievements you may be, news of them will only reach your own network - and that of course is if anyone in your network happens to be scrolling at around the same time as you're posting (social media fatigue, anyone?). Sending your stories and videos to Cleanzine gives you a much greater chance of having them seen by those that matter, so do please resolve to get those stories and pictures rolling in to us - not just once but whenever you have something to say.



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Jan Hobbs

9th January 2020

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