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With our general election looming, the politicians have been out in force trying to persuade as many members of the general public as possible, to vote for them. And this time around the stakes seem to be higher than ever before, with our continued membership of the European Union still in the balance and accusations of dirty dealings being flung around like the contents of a food processor without its lid. 

I don’t know exactly where the photocall was held, but the sight of our current Prime Minister Boris Johnson appearing to spread mucky water around the entrance of a branch of Specsavers, with a filthy mop, had me thinking… 

* Boris-mopping.jpg

And yes, the thinking went beyond the idea that the filthy state of the mop might have been missed and that Boris - or indeed everyone – “should have gone to Specsavers"! 

If you’re reading this from one of the 163 countries in which Cleanzine is received, which doesn’t have a Specsavers, it’s a leading High Street brand where we have our eyes tested by technicians who use chemicals, medical paraphernalia and high-tech equipment to detect poor vision and potential eye disease, before passing us onto colleagues who help us select the most suitable spectacles. i.e. the first part similar to a hospital environment and the second a store that wants our business and need to display an enticing entrance. It operates mainly in the UK, Ireland, Australasia and the Nordic countries and boasts more than 2000 branches.

The idea that such cleaning equipment is thought ideal for a photoshoot that’s likely to be beamed around the world, worries me. Does a contractor look after the cleaning on a global level? Are there country-wide or area-wide contracts or is it left to those who manage each branch to either employ a local cleaner or do the work themselves? Whatever the answer, something needs tightening up, don’t you think? And what a missed opportunity for a photoshoot! The only party that came out looking good was Bentley, which I’m assuming supplied the safety sign…



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Jan Hobbs

14th November 2019

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