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P-Wave introduces its most plastic-lean, splash-eliminating urinal screen

* P-Wave-Slant6.jpgAir-freshening innovator P-Wave has delivered a new angle on splash prevention and a major step forward in terms of urinal deodorising technology with the launch of its new Slant6 urinal screen.

The new screen is said to feature more fragrance than any other 30-day screen on the market while also using less plastic, and it is 100% recyclable. Slant6 is easy to install and fits more urinals than any previous design from P-Wave and features an 'anyway-up' design, ensuring correct installation every time.

"As an innovator in the air freshening industry, P-Wave has continually raised the bar in terms of urinal screen technology and we are proud to announce that our new 5th generation Slant6 screen is another massive step forward," says P-Wave sales and marketing manager Mark Wintle. "With less plastic, a smaller size to fit more urinals and 'zero splash-back', the Slant6 reinforces why P-Wave is the number one brand of urinal screen in the UK."

P-Wave says that the Slant6 has the highest ratio of fragrance load to plastic than any other urinal screen, and consistently outperforms all other 30-day urinal screens. Better still, it will keep walls, floors and trousers dry, thanks to its unique angled bristle design. P-Wave urinal screens are the only ones in the UK that feature the anti-splash technology on both sides of the screen, so the screens cannot be installed incorrectly.

* P-Wave-Slant6-FIVE-Fragrances.jpg"At P-Wave we're passionate about the environment and recognise that we have a social responsibility to introduce eco-friendly products to the marketplace," says Mark. "There really is no planet B and that's why, despite being the most fragrant on the market, the Slant6 has the lowest plastic content of any premium competing urinal mat. While the product is designed with waste recycling in mind, it also includes an additive that ensures faster biodegradation, should it find its way to landfill.

"Representing a significant breakthrough in sustainability, Slant6 will replace our existing best-selling 1.5 urinal screen - with a phased switch scheduled for January 2020. This will also help our customers improve their environmental credentials.

"Slant6 really is the most eco-friendly, highly fragranced urinal screen on the marketSlant6 is available in five fragrances: Honeysuckle; Ocean Mist; Mango; Spiced Apple; and the newly introduced Cotton Blossom


7th November 2019

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