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Rosemor shares escalator/travellator cleaning expertise

* Rosemor-TV.jpgRosemor had a successful Pulire Verona this year, showing off its escalator and travellator cleaning and maintenance equipment which is keeping installations around the globe, clean and hygienic.

Indeed, some stand visitors will no doubt have used the escalators at the Milano Malpensa airport, on their way to the show, which are cleaned every day by Rosemor's Rotomac machines.

Rosemor's Efi Rosen tells us that the company has been working hard with its customers around the world to develop the best solutions possible to the problems associated with escalator and travellator cleaning. Dealing directly with facilities managers, worldwide dealers and cleaning contractors, the company's engineers have adapted the Rotomac and Rotofast to create the most innovative product range, ensuring that the equipment continues to be a world leader in escalator and travelator cleaning technology.

One innovation is the intelligent touch screen which has working time, a diagnostic menu, choice of program, vacuum testing capability, and Frequently Asked Question menu as well as other features. This is available to buy or to rent.

* Rosemor-mc.jpgAnother innovation is the Rotomatic which had its world debut at Pulire. Smaller and more intelligent than its predecessors, it is the only one that has been engineered for every kind of escalator and travellator. It incorporates 15 rotating brushes of different lengths which provide a proper clean of every surface as they are able to get into the grooves. They can clean dirt, grease and oil as well as small objects without doing any damage to the surface. The surfaces are left dry and can be used immediately after cleaning has finished.

One of Rosemor's most popular machines, the Rotomac ET15B also now incorporates 15 rotating brushes consisting of four different lengths and materials to scrub and sweep dirt into the machine and off the escalator steps. The brushes have been approved by escalator manufacturers as the most effective and safe way to clean the steps and not damage the treads. The illuminated stainless steel control panel is built to sustain substantial usage and prevent any issues that could have been caused by misuse.

The machine is still mains operated; however, thanks to a built-in battery, customers in emergency situations such as during power cuts, are able to safely remove the machine from the steps. With a socket also included, which facilitates the attachment of the T10, the machine can be connected to perform quick maintenance cleans or travelator cleaning. Customers can either choose to purchase the basic system or a complete system for added flexibility.

The Rotomac ET15B, which includes the T10 attachment, has been developed to plug into the Rotomac and run as the escalator or travelator is moving, for a quick clean of the horizontal part of the step. Some customers use this on escalators in busy airport terminals or shopping centres to clean up spillages to avoid minimum disruption during peak hours.

Others purchase this when the sites have both escalators and travelators and they need a complete cleaning solution for both.

Efi explans that the T10i (the T10 attachment for the Rotomac ET15B) was developed for customers that did not want to clean escalators and just needed a horizontal tread cleaning solution, as well as for airports where there are so many travelators in use that extra machines were needed to deal with the busy cleaning schedules.

"If the customer has a Rotomac, they now have all three machine options - the complete solution to all escalator and travelator cleaning requirements," says Efi. "And they are easily transportable."

"Rosemor guarentees a personalised service whereby you will get to know each member of staff personally and we will adapt to each customer's needs no matter what language or culture barriers occur. Response times are second to none ensuring minimum costs and time wastage."

For any machine supplied, Rosemor offers full operational and maintenance training on customer premises. The training covers operational, technical and maintenance techniques to ensure that customers uses the machine correctly and can look after it for best long term use.

Founded in 1985, the company has been specialising in escalator cleaning for many years and now boast offices, dealerships and repair/maintenance workshops in many countries.

T: 01491 838 011
E: [email protected]
W: www.rosemor.com /www.rosemor.net

17th October 2019

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