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New equipment is powered by van on tick-over

* Morclean1.jpgMorclean has announced the arrival of its new 2019 product concept - test and trail from its dedicated R&D unit.

Steam cleaners and pressure washers need either an engine or a generator to power them. Generators are around 7Kva depending on the type of machine, which means extra engine and noise/weight to consider.

More recently manufacturers have also added batteries to replace the energy required to run the equipment, but these can be expensive, large, and heavy; adding cost, bulk and weight.

There's just not enough KW in a typical 12v van battery to power a machine like this, and inverters alone just won't power a heavy-duty machine - but Morclean has developed a new system that drives a powerful, yet low volume steam cleaner, just from the vehicle.

So, with no additional engine or generator, no battery packs, no PTO, this steam cleaner simply runs from the van it is connected to, with the van on tick-over. It fits more or less any type or size of MWB van (Transit size)

"Any feedback and comments about this new and innovative Morclean concept are welcome!" says director Peter Morley, who envisages the equipment as being ideal for:

* Mobile steam cleaning
* Street cleaning
* Night work
* Emergency work
* Use in remote locations

You can view the video at:


10th October 2019

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