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CMS Berlin 2019: Cleaning summit - a polished performance

* CMS-Berlin-2019-polished.jpgCMS Berlin 2019 - Cleaning.Management.Services., ended on a bright note. The organisers and supporting associations of the International Cleaning Trade Fair were thoroughly positive in their assessment of this event.

Some 25,000 industry representatives from 80 countries, who included around 21,000 trade visitors from every branch of the cleaning industry, attended between 24th and 27th September in search of information about the current range of products and services for commercial cleaning. This represented an increase of more than 10% compared with CMS 2017.

Digitalisation and sustainability were the dominant features among the innovative range of cleaning machines, cleaning products and cleaning processes. And one aspect encapsulated the supporting programme with its papers and discussions: in our globalised, fast-moving world with all its environmental pressures, there is a growing public awareness of the importance of cleanliness and hygiene, for maintaining the value of properties and healthcare, as well as for safety purposes and not least of all for promoting a sense of wellbeing in all areas of life.

"CMS Berlin 2019 met with the high expectations of the global cleaning community," says Dr Christian Göke, chief executive officer of Messe Berlin Gmb. "In a most impressive way it showed how the industry is facing the challenges of the future by developing innovative and sustainable products, and the opportunities presented by digitalisation and sustainability.

"The quality of this year's CMS Berlin was apparent from the presence of so many leading decisionmakers and the in-depth exchange of information among national and international industry representatives, the outstanding exhibits and the comprehensive overview of the market, with over 100 products making their debut either at the fair or internationally."

Participation in CMS Berlin 2019 set new records, with some 450 exhibitors from 25 countries. They occupied more than 31,000 sq.m in the halls and on the outdoor display areas to provide a complete overview of the products and services in all areas of commercial cleaning technology.

The following professional organisations are sponsors of the event: the German Federal Guild Association of the Cleaning Trade (BIV), Bonn, the Cleaning Systems Trade Association in the German Mechanical Engineering Industry Association (VDMA), Frankfurt/Main, and the Hygiene Industry Association (IHO), Frankfurt/Main. At the close of the fair the supporting associations issued the following statements:

Johannes Bungart, general manager of the National Guild Association of the Building Cleaning Trade (BIV): "CMS 2019 proved to be right up to date. What seemed to be a long way off for the industry when we were discussing the buzzword 'digitalisation' two years ago could now be seen and experienced to an impressive degree in the exhibition halls. This was innovation in a very tangible form. The exhibits and the stands on which they were displayed were of outstanding quality. CMS represents a new and optimistic starting point for the companies attending it."

Dr Peter Hug, general manager of the Cleaning Systems Trade Association in the VDMA: "At CMS 2019 the efforts made to attract international participants to the fair were very successful. The exhibitors belonging to the VDMA reported a substantial increase in international visitors throughout. There were innovations especially in the field of interconnected machinery and the use of new digital technologies, resulting in optimised cleaning processes. Under the heading 'Inject Innovation', the CMS World Summit provided a strong platform for discussing current and future technological possibilities for improving cleaning efficiency."

Dr Thomas Rauch, General Manager of the IHO - Hygiene Industry Association: "From the viewpoint of the IHO this year's CMS can be considered a great success. Once again, in 2019 the fair underlined the fact that, with its innovations, the cleaning industry is very much in tune with the times. What we particularly admire about CMS is the great diversity of its programme, the networking opportunities available to the representatives of manufacturers, users and distributors, and an exchange of information at a consistently high level. We are particularly pleased to have been able to provide information to so many interested visitors about the challenges that our industry faces as a result of changes in EU legislation. We have gained a fresh impetus and many new contacts, and are eagerly looking forward to CMS 2021."

One of the highlights of the supporting programme was the CMS World Summit 2019 under the heading 'Inject Innovation', which featured more than 200 leading industry representatives from Germany and abroad. The summit examined future technologies and business prospects in the cleaning industry. Over the course of the speeches it emerged that the challenge of convincing cleaning industry employees to accept technological change is almost as great as the nature of change itself. It was noted that network and standardisation structures, which were far from perfect, as well as data protection also played an important role.

In an initial analysis exhibitors expressed themselves very satisfied with the fair. The main objectives in taking part were "to present the business / cultivate its image", "to establish contacts with the building cleaning trade" and "cultivate existing business relations". In each case over 80% of the exhibitors said that these objectives had been (well) met. Over 90% of the exhibitors polled praised the quality of trade visitors. Regarding their commercial results, more than 80% of exhibitors expressed their satisfaction. Although signing contracts was not the primary reason for attending, more than half of all exhibitors were able to achieve this during the course of the fair. Furthermore, over 80% reported positive expectations regarding follow-up business.

More than 80% regard the CMS Berlin as being (well) suited for presenting innovations and new technical developments. An equal proportion of exhibitors were presenting new items to trade visitors. The high level of satisfaction among exhibitors was also evident in the fact that four out of every five would recommend the CMS Berlin to others, and are also planning to attend the fair again in the future.

Trade visitors gave CMS Berlin 2019 an outstanding satisfaction rating of over 90%. Their main goals at the fair were to obtain a general overview of the market, find out about innovations, get information on products, technologies and solutions to problems, establish new contacts and pave the way for procurement decisions. Over 95% of trade visitors said that for the most part they were able to achieve these goals. More than 90% rated the products and services on display as "good". Almost as many said they had seen or found out about innovations at the fair. More than 95% of trade visitors said they were extremely satisfied with their business results at the event. During CMS Berlin 2019, around 80% made contact with exhibitors resulting in potential follow-up business. Some two-thirds of trade visitors were able to establish new business leads.

A notable feature was the number of trade visitors attending in a decision-making capacity. More than 85% had a significant influence on their companies' purchasing and procurement decisions. Close to two-thirds occupied a senior position in their company. At CMS Berlin 2019 trade visitors represented mainly services, the skilled trades, industry, authorities and public institutions. They came mostly from private or public sector cleaning companies, followed by hospitals, nursing homes and large-scale kitchens.

CMS Berlin 2019 reported trade visitors from around 80 countries. The majority of foreign trade visitors came from the EU, other European countries, the Middle East and Far East. Well over 90% of trade visitors said they would recommend CMS Berlin to others, and at the time of the survey also said they would visit the next event.


3rd October 2019

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