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Automated glass cleaning by drone:

* Window-Cleaning-Drones-WC3D.jpgThe drone travels tirelessly up and down the large window. Propelled by four rotors, it presses a cylindrical brush against the surface of the glass, which it cleans with pure water. "It can easily tackle 50 to 100sq.metres per hour," says Yves Bianga of WC3D. He has been working in a team led by Marcus Fritsche since 2012 to automate the glass cleaning process.

For the past year they have been offering this service, using drones, and have been successfully applying robot technology to fulfil cleaning contracts in the Dresden area.

The rotors provide vertical and horizontal motion without any physical human intervention. Power and water are supplied from the ground by cables and tubes, thereby providing for many hours of uninterrupted operation. WC3D also regards this development as a response to the shortage of skilled operatives and the demands imposed on workers by the constant consolidation of the areas to be cleaned.


26th September 2019

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