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CMS Berlin 2019: Lots to discover

* CMS-2019-Practice-Forum.jpgPractice Forum: Digitalisation is the dominant theme at CMS Berlin:

Speaking at the CMS Practice Forum on day one of CMS Berlin, Johannes Bungart, managing director of the National Guild Association of the Building Cleaning Trade, said: "The first day of the fair confirmed that for almost every exhibitor digitalisation is the dominant theme at CMS."

On the one hand the discussion here in Berlin was on how processes were changing, what companies' digital strategies were, and how robotics, automation and sensor systems could effect changes, improve efficiency and create transparency. On the other hand, 90% of the work undertaken by companies in Berlin was on existing buildings.

"It means that for the foreseeable future, cleaning will be a service performed by humans in the service of humans. Companies continue to make great efforts to ensure they are attractive employers," he continued. The framework wage agreement talks which were about to enter their sixth phase on 30th September in Frankfurt/Main were a good example of this, he added. The employers had made IG BAU a fair offer, which included additional leave, higher trainee wages and overtime payments, from which full-time and part-time employees would both benefit.

"Not only will agreed wages continue to increase in 2020, but for the first time in East and West wages will converge," he said on a positive note. "Other topics which we at the BIV are keeping a close eye on are the latest regulations on working with ladders, hygiene management in hospitals, a new eco label for building cleaning services and its future implementation at European level."

* Markus-Eckert_142.jpgDigital services offer added value:

Digital services have been available for many years in the cleaning industry. However, their real potential has only recently become apparent. Speaking at the CMS Practice Forum, Markus Eckert, head instructor at GAS, Nilfisk GmbH, discussed the overall prospects for digital services in the cleaning industry.

On the one hand, digital services are capable of improving cleaning efficiency, quality, and the organisation of staff. On the other, digitalisation facilitates cleaning machines developing from an individual product to a system within a system. Autonomous and digital services also save costs.


* Nadine-Buschow_142.jpgIndustrial waste directive brings new responsibilities:

The new industrial waste directive which came into force on 1st August 2017 means that producers of industrial waste in municipal areas must now comply with much stricter rules. For companies, local authorities and public and private institutions this means they must comprehensively sort the waste they produce at source and extensively document its volume and destination.

Speaking at the CMS Practice Forum, Nadine Buschow, a project engineer with u.e.c. Berlin, explained how cleaning services are operating at an important interface between waste producers and disposal companies. As part of the waste disposal chain they are also committed to fulfilling the demands of the industrial waste directive. In the case of public sector contracts, in order to comply with environmentally friendly procurement methods there are legal constraints which must also be observed.

Against this backdrop, industrial cleaning providers are being increasingly confronted with environmental issues. In order for cleaning services to be sustainable it is important to develop and implement comprehensive waste sorting concepts, use environmentally friendly cleaning products and employ correspondingly trained staff. CMS Practice Forum: Sustainable cleaning services in accordance with the industrial waste directive and environmentally friendly procurement methods



26th September 2019

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