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Almar Industrial Services' Alan Reed has some interesting points to make regarding the safety and longevity of cleaning machinery, following my Leader in last week's Cleanzine...

Hello Jan,

An interesting article indeed as your leader on this week's publication. Speaking as a very proud Numatic dealer for well in excess of 30 years now - I've just finished the apprenticeship apparently!!

I always advise to use genuine manufacturers' parts for repair of vacuums, both for safety - the highest priority of course in all respects plus of course correct operation of the machine. Just imagine using spurious or pattern parts in one of Numatic's H type vacuums designed for asbestos and carcinogenic dusts - well would you want to use it if its repaired with spurious parts? I wouldn't even join the queue behind you.

When you use original Numatic manufactured parts you have the knowledge and security that the manufacturer is with you and supporting you. That's priceless!!

Over the years, I have seen many a Numatic AV250 aircraft vacuum cleaner after it has been thrown down steps from the back of an aircraft at Heathrow and Gatwick. In fact, the cleaners used the term 'dog' when they pulled the machine by its hose to throw it down steps... 'Dog' coming from like a dog on a lead! Generally, it would end up bouncing on the tarmac concrete surface causing damage to wheels and handles housing the switch etc.
The thinking behind it being - no vacuum cleaner working for the next job - so an easy job!!

However, generally though the Numatic AV250 vacuum by and large is pretty much indestructible with its all-steel body - and fairly easily repaired by a qualified technician with the correct parts. This machine is an aircraft use variation of the NV250 all-steel machine that has been around for many, many years, (parts being available for many, many years also after a machine is manufactured - ensuring a continuing extremely long usable life).

Rather sadly a lot of companies now use cheap plastic machines purely due to cost without the thought for the safety aspects and the afterlife of the machine when it goes to landfill. Not much different to all plastics where a lot of it pollutes our oceans and waterways - all in the name of 'its cheap'.

Most dealers will have seen Henry vacs for repair that have been used to suck up water, likewise many people use the wrong vacuum for dangerous dusts without even thinking about it.

Sadly most users of vacuums in the cleaning industry don't have to pay the price to purchase the item - so it's not respected but abused!

Even today Numatic continues to produce a vast range of really superb vacuums and floor cleaning machinery to go with the range of janitorial trolleys etc. All credit to the company and long may it continue, probably the very best vacuums available today in the marketplace and all made by a Great British manufacturer here in the UK.

Kind regards.
Alan Reed, Almar Industrial Supplies

1st August 2019

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