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I was pleased to learn, following a recent Leader, that I'm not the only one with a penchant for keeping things that might one day be useful (and which often are) - and equally pleased that I've not been the only owner of a multi-coloured vacuum cleaner comprising different manufacturers' parts. I've heard several confessions from those with similar traits; some I admire while the safety of others concerns me!

The Domestic Cleaning Alliance's Stephen Munton once again rewarded me with a Facebook post backing my desire for keeping things 'in case' and I agree with his aside that those carrying out repairs must of course possess the skills to fit the parts. Recalling some conversations I've had on the subject, I'd add that some common sense would be in order too! Stephen said he has yet to beat the excitement of finding a part from an iron which he used to repair his washing machine. As he's still around he clearly knew what he was doing! I wonder how many may not have lived to tell the tale...

The many mismatched vacuum cleaners I've owned, while probably being unique, will have looked as if they came from the same stable as one of Stephen's own, since he confessed that it's been a good many years since he used one that was fitted with 100% original parts. He said he advises those who've just started up a cleaning company, to take a look at their newly bought vacuum cleaners as it will be the last time they see one in that condition, with all the right parts, given that so many of us are pushing or pulling around machines with a medley of different parts and attachments which fit and work well, but were originally from something else. Well I suppose the vacuum cleaner probably takes lots more abuse than other equipment, doesn't it? I've never had confirmation of the rumour that a certain manufacturer's machines used to be thrown from the back of aircraft (while on the ground!) to test their ability to withstand the abuse they would get from the cleaning teams, but it makes sense that this could be seen as a reliable quality control measure!

"In a time where more and more manufacturers are making things which cannot be fixed easily, it's refreshing that the likes of Numatic International are willing to keep producing vacuum cleaners with parts of a size that are almost 'standard' and can easily be used with existing stock," says Stephen. I totally agree with him.



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Jan Hobbs

25th July 2019

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