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InnuScience takes the lead with its IoT product monitoring system

* InnuScience.jpgFast-growing InnuScience believes it may be the first cleaning product manufacturer in the UK to launch an Internet of Things (IoT)-based product monitoring system. Its system - Connected Cleaning - works by monitoring product usage, which is then reported on a monthly basis against the budget per site. A key benefit of this system is to allow the proactive management of any deviations from budget that could potentially occur.

Now an established global leader in commercial cleaning systems based on biotechnology, the company can achieve the upfront results of strong chemical products by using biological actives - fermentation extracts, enzymes and microbes - to create a residual cleaning action that boosts standards.

A router integrated into the company's dispensing equipment communicates product usage data back to the company via Wi-Fi or 4G. It is then able to issue simple customer reports in a traffic light format, indicating if product usage is in line with budget. The sophisticated system can also flag up other metrics such as usage diagnostics and empty product warnings.

This efficient procedure allows the company to adopt a proactive approach and ensure that clients never run out of products. The dispenser can be accessed remotely to take corrective action where necessary.

"InnuScience is passionate about providing high performance, responsible products that leave lasting impressions, so that you can go green without compromising the quality of your cleaning," says Nick Winstone, UK managing director, InnuScience. "Our revolutionary biotechnology products offer superior performance and unrivalled value for money. They are also planet conscious and people friendly.

"Technology has the ability to transform the way we clean and the way we control the budgets around cleaning product spend. By monitoring our customer spend on cleaning products we can ensure that savings are being delivered and that product usage is optimal per customer site."

InnuScience UK, based in Milton Keynes, is the youngest and fastest-growing of the top 15 manufacturers in the country supplying biotechnology-based cleaning products to the facilities management, building care, hospitality and care sectors.

Its range of professional cleaning products covers the needs of the most prestigious public sectors, education, restaurants, hotels, stations, airports, healthcare and retail contracts, and include cleaners and degreasers, maintenance products, industrial cleaners, odour eliminators, laundry products and floorcare.

The company prides itself on:

* Performance: Connected Cleaning offers a superior performance on porous surfaces - such as natural stones, tile grout and safety flooring - as the actives penetrate the micro pores and extract the dirt.
* Competitive pricing: The cost in use of Connected Cleaning can be from as little as two pence per litre. InnuScience's products are competitively priced compared to conventional cleaning products, ruling out the need to spend big to go green, as has been the case in the past.
* Respecting the planet: InnuScience insists on all of its products being environmentally-friendly with ultimate biodegradability of 99.99% - according to OECD test 301 - being standard. In addition to these stringent internal standards, all the company's cleaning products are either Ecologo or Ecolabel certified.
* Safety: InnuScience's cleaning products are not classified as hazardous - and in their diluted form they are not even classified, thus minimising any unwanted Health & Safety risks.
* Passionate Service: A national support team is on standby to offer a proactive approach by connecting cleaning, monitoring product usage and slashing costs.


18th July 2019

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