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Phs and Mitsubishi Electric launch quiet revolution in hand drying

* Phs-and-Mitsubishi-dryer.jpgWashroom services provider phs Group has formed a partnership with Mitsubishi Electric to launch a revolutionary new hand dryer.

The phs Whisper XL is a high-speed hand dryer with cutting-edge technology to make it one of the quietest dryers in its class with eco-friendly low running costs. The air-curtain design dries hands in as little as nine seconds; up to four times quicker than many warm air dryers. Thanks to high-efficiency motors and air ducts, air flows from the dryer smoothly and quietly, generating a low operating sound as quiet as just 56 decibels.

The Whisper XL has been designed with hygiene and efficiency at the forefront, equipped with sensors that start or stop the airflow automatically as the hands are fully inserted or removed, eliminating the need to touch surfaces and reducing the risk of scattering airborne particles in the washroom. During operation, water is blown from hands and channelled into a low-maintenance drain tank to keep floors dry while the high-grade plastic casing includes antibacterial metal ions.

The product is NSF certified to be compliant to its rigorous requirements and is on the Energy Technology List; the government-managed list of energy-efficient machinery.

"The new partnership between Phs and Mitsubishi Electric is genuinely exciting as it is has allowed us to bring to market a cutting-edge new product which is billed as a quiet revolution in hand drying," explains Paul Doble, CCO of Phs. Traditional high-speed hand dryers have been criticised for their noise levels which can be nearly double that of the new Whisper XL.

"While this is appealing for any washroom environment, it will make a particular difference to vulnerable groups such as the elderly, dementia sufferers, young children and hearing aid users. Because of their minimal acoustics, we believe it will become the hand dryer of choice in many sound-sensitive locations from businesses, libraries and universities to hospitals and hotels.

However, while it is quiet, it is still remarkably powerful. While most people are said to spend no more than 20 seconds drying their hands, the Whisper XL outperforms this benchmark by completing the task in as little as nine seconds.

"At Phs, we strive to provide customers with quality products with innovative designs which offer the best experience as well as making a difference. This new hand dryer certainly meets these aims by being quieter, more efficient and more hygienic than its predecessors and we look forward to showcasing it to our customers."

Neil Butler of Mitsubishi Electric says: "We are thrilled at Mitsubishi Electric to see the final phs Whisper XL model launched. We have been working very closely with Phs for a long time to get to this stage. We have worked tirelessly with Phs to perfect each aspect of the design of the Whisper XL to make sure it is exactly what its customers require and desire."

Phs Group provides washroom, healthcare and floorcare hygiene services to 90,000 customers across 300,000 locations nationwide, providing vital services to organisations whether it's disposing of sanitary waste and nappies, installing hand dryers, soap dispensers and air purifiers or supplying floor mats to prevent slips, trips and falls. You will also find Phs working in the healthcare industry disposing of clinical, pharmaceutical and dental waste. Under the Phs umbrella, different companies service a range of needs from plant and tree hire, specialist cleaning, compliance, workwear, providing consumables and supplying crates and boxes.

"What makes Phs different?" ponders Paul Doble. "It's commitment to do the right thing. It's helping clean up the ocean from plastic by using ghost fishing nets to create Econyl floor mats. Patented products deliver significant water and cost savings... air purifiers help to improve employee wellbeing.


11th July 2019

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