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Technical rug cleaning, marketing & systems for profit programme comes to UK

* Lisa-Mark-TextilePro.jpgThe WoolSafe Organisation is bringing over to the UK, the highly respected American rug care specialist, Lisa Wagner and marketing guru Mark Kennedy to deliver the TextilePro Programme.

The three day event, being held 16th -18th July 2019 in Carmarthenshire, Wales, provides a unique technical and marketing educational opportunity to the region's rug cleaning operations.

Three-day live conference + access to Textile Pro online modules

Lisa Wagner and Mark Kennedy present an in-depth rug program focusing on both technical and marketing topics central to building a successful rug cleaning operation. Participants will gain a higher level understanding of the rug cleaning process, including best practices that minimise mistakes and produce superior cleaning results. Participants will also discover the best performing strategies and systems for building highly profitable long-term relationships with clients.

What's all the excitement about? Mark Kennedy explains... https://vimeo.com/340863373

Pre-conference content (Online Modules)

30 days prior to the event, registered attendees will receive online training module access covering various rug cleaning topics. The event in Wales is intended to take rug cleaning operations to the next level. There is an expectation that those attending will have familiarity with rug washing either through previous rug educational courses or through their actual rug cleaning experience.

If you are new in the rug cleaning craft, you will need to complete the online content prior to the conference so you have a strong understanding of the rug washing process. If you are experienced as a rug washer, the online modules are an excellent source for content review, as well as to train your newer employees.

DAY 1 - Rug cleaning technical
* Rug Washing A-to-Z. A complete overview of all of the steps in the rug cleaning process, with the tools and equipment options to choose from based on your space and budget available.
* Rug Plant Set-ups. Large and small size operation examples to show how successful rug cleaning facilities around the globe are maximizing production.
* Rug Cleaning Challenges & Solutions. An overview of the most common technical challenges in rug cleaning operations today, with step-by-step solutions provided.
* On The Wash Floor. Demonstrations of the wash process and specific cleaning solutions throughout the day.
DAY 2 - Rug cleaning systems
* Setting The Stage. Crafting your estimating system so you attract quality inquiries and filter out those only interested in lowest price offers. Invoicing and photo-documentation best practices.
* Rug Plant Operational Flowcharts. Setting up systems to minimize mistakes and support successful outcomes on the technical and service sides. System examples provided to use as is, or modify for your own customized needs.
* Tackling The Trickiest Textiles. Systems for spotting "problem" rugs. How to handle thecommunication process so you remain the 'expert' whether you clean the rug or choosenot to.
* Rug Multipliers. The top ideas, additional products/services, and tools/equipment that are delivering the biggest return on investment in production and client experience in the best performing rug facilities today.
Rug cleaning profits
* Rug Cleaning Sales System. The exact no-pressure sales process behind some of the most profitable rug operations in our industry. Clearly laid out so that you can implement the system in your own operation right away.
* 'Raise Your Hand' Marketing. How to build a marketing system that brings you the best quality new clients, keeps your current clients using you more often, and consistently grows your company revenue. Specific strategies and examples shared, as well as a plan for those wanting to transition from mostly carpet revenue to mostly rug revenue.
* Successful Niche Networking. Identifying ideal business partners/groups to work with in order to reach a larger market together. Today's top performing networking strategies.
* Textile Pro Action Plan. Every participant will leave with an Action Plan of their own design for the future growth of their rug cleaning business.

Post-conference benefits

All participants in this course will upon completion become members of the Textile Pro Network at no additional cost. You will have access to the members-only Textile Pro Facebook group page for ongoing technical and business support from the community of experienced rug specialists, as well as the Textile Pro instructors and consultants.

All participants will be given a path for earning Textile Pro certification, and those with established and operating rug wash facilities (those open to the public) will be listed in the consumer referral directory. The $250 fee for the Textile Pro certification process and basic directory listing will be waived for all trainees joining us in Wales.

"We wanted to highlight these benefits which will extend beyond the value of this course for those who participate," says WoolSafe's Steve Bakker. "Lisa has a number of regular UK inquiries from consumers who read her rug blog, as well as EU inquiries, and she would love to develop a group of qualified and caring companies to receive these rug wash jobs.

"Success for us will not be a sold-out event - though that would of course be more than wonderful. Success will be that a year from now we will have rug cleaning operations that can point to this July event as the one that had the biggest impact on their rug cleaning confidence, quality, and profits.
"Thank you in advance those who make the decision to join us. We promise to make it a very valuable choice on your part."

Red Dragon Cleaning & Restoration will be graciously hosting this event at its Prestige Rug Spalocation, so attendees will be able to see one of the UK's premier rug operations first hand.

There will be limited seating available for this program. Please book early for the best price and to guarantee your place.

Payment plans, to help spread the cost of training are available. For more information and to set up a payment plan contact WoolSafe Academy:
T: phone +44 1943 850 817
E: [email protected]
W: www.woolsafeacademy.org

20th June 2019

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