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This week's Cleanzine has required something of a mission to complete. As you can see, I've had a slight accident with my iMac - and as my MacBook's suffering from a common technical fault and needs repair, I've been somewhat stymied. I won't go into the events that led up to the iMac damage, but suffice it to say that if my passenger door ever fails to shut again, I'm going to check that if the seatbelt's not blocking it, nothing else is either, before trying a more forceful close.

My family's been complaining for years that one or other of my computers seems to be permanently attached to me, so to work without them functioning properly almost feels as if I've lost a limb.

Isn't it odd how relatively new technology can become such a crucial part of life? As a trainee journalist at IPC - then one of the largest publishing groups in the UK, I was apparently the only editorial team member in the company allowed an electric typewriter since I was the only one who could touch-type. I could no way have gone back to a manual machine then, than I could now use an electric typewriter. We grumble about Internet outages and occasional slow speeds, but do you remember the days of 'dial-up'? It's laughable that we had to exist like that, isn't it?

I've been thinking about how much the way professionals clean, has changed during my long years in this industry. Historically, cleaning operatives were set in their ways and managers faced a difficult task in trying to get them to adopt different procedures or work with new chemicals and equipment. I could never understand, for example, why it took so long for backpack vacuum cleaners to become accepted and I still can't fathom out why they haven't gained the market share I expected them to when I first trialled one.

I was wondering... with the pressures being put on cleaning companies to adopt more sustainable practices, while legislation is forcing manufacturers to change their products - by, say, making them more energy-efficient or removing key chemicals from what had been considered a perfect formulation - how well the industry's copIng when it comes to enabling us to maintain standards whilst keeping the cleaners happy?



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Jan Hobbs

20th June 2019

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