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I prefer to be proved right if I've said something positive but in this case it was only a matter of time before I had to say 'I told you so'. I'm only hoping it won't take too long for the powers that be to get their brains into gear and do a 'U-turn'!

I've said more than once that shutting our civic amenity tips some days of the week and shortening the hours they're open on others - as well as bringing in charges for some of the items we used to be able to dump free of charge - will encourage the unscrupulous to dump their rubbish wherever they wish. Well, as you can see from the picture, it's happening in my local area.


The picture was posted on a Facebook group page with the comment that: "It will only get worse now that the council is charging to dump certain materials." Another poster blamed the lack of policing and while I agree that this doesn't help when it comes to catching the culprits, there'd be fewer culprits to catch if the councils were sensible about the way they run our essential facilities.

Another post said: "Stop the councils from charging to pick up large items and charging to dump certain materials - and allow vans into waste dumps,". Not driving a van myself, I'd forgotten about that one!

One said: "There are a lot of people doing rubbish clearance because some people don't have the means to get bulk rubbish to the tip (or don't want to pay), and this has to be an example of one of those clearance outfits that wants to take people's money to clear rubbish yet not pay to dispose of it properly themselves. The council should introduce licensed waste disposal so that not just anyone with a van can rock up." Clearly, the fact that companies taking our waste have to be licenced, has escaped this particular poster, which proves that not enough is being done to get the message across to ordinary people.

I can't believe it costs less to clear everything that's fly-tipped than it does to keep our civic amenity tips functioning as they used to prior to the cuts. It's well known, too, that an area that already has rubbish, is going to attract more. Something needs to be done - and fast. Don't you agree?



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Jan Hobbs

13th June 2019

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