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School children not toilet trained? Little Accident Box clean up kit helps teachers cope

* Aroma-Care-Solutions.jpgHealth and wellbeing specialist Aroma Care Solutions has produced a Little Accident Box to help teachers deal with toilet accidents in the classroom. It comes as a councillor in the West Midlands revealed that a primary school has hired a nappy changer because some of its pupils are not toilet-trained.

The revelation is the latest in a series of warnings about the state of unreadiness for school of some children and the strain it places on teachers.

Head of Ofsted Amanda Spielman warned last year that children unable to use the loo were disrupting lessons and suffering "a terrible social impact" themselves.

Aroma Care Solutions has a handy clean-up kit that includes everything to make life easier for a teacher - or other adult - to deal with a toilet accident with as little fuss and bother as possible.

The Little Accident Box includes three disposable protective aprons, three pairs of nitrile gloves, three charcoal masks, three yellow bio-hazard sealed bags, three disposable cloths, six anti-bacterial wipes, three sachets of Absorbent Aromatic Granules and Textile Cleansing & Hygiene Formula.

It is particularly effective at preventing unpleasant smells from lingering in the classroom after the event because the Textile Cleansing & Hygiene Formula has a bio-enzymatic action which 'eats up' the chemicals causing smells, eliminating them completely.

"Accidents have always happened from time to time in school but it is shocking that so many children at school are not able to use the loo," says Quentin Steele, founder of Aroma Care Solutions.

"Our Little Accident Box contains everything required to clean up quickly and discreetly, minimising embarrassment and, most importantly, banishing malodours and memories of the incident.

"There's nothing worse than having a nasty smell linger for hours in a classroom, reminding everyone what has happened and adding to the embarrassment.

"If you use our Textile Cleansing & Hygiene Formula the only aroma should be a pleasant fragrance of natural botanical essential oils."

The revelation about the nappy changer came from Chris Towe, the portfolio holder for education in Walsall Council. He did not name the school.

Amanda Spielman warned last year that a rising number of children were arriving at school not properly toilet-trained. She said that teachers should not be expected to toilet-train four-year-olds and parents should step up to the mark.

Aroma Care Solutions specialises in health and wellbeing products that promote hygiene. The Little Accident Box is the perfect answer to accidents and spillages both indoors and on the move, with its odour-eating bio-enzymes working equally well on vomit as well as toilet accidents.


18th April 2019

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