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EFCI's 2019 Conference - Meet the speakers

* EFCI-2019-Conference.jpgThe European Cleaning & Facility Services Industry's 10th Conference, taking place on 28th June 2019, will open with the presentation of a trend report on the evolution of the industry for the past 30 years.

Being developed by EFCI with the help of hkp///RemuNet, the report will go through all the historic 'EFCI surveys' and will include the last available data regarding the sector.

The report will then be discussed in the first roundtable of the Conference: 'An industry in evolution', and will set the basis and topics for speakers and delegates to facilitate fruitful debates throughout the day.

EFCI's 2019 Conference will bring together policymakers, industry leaders and sector experts to discuss how the industry is innovating across its value chain, in social affairs and to further integrate the circular economy. Panellists include:

Emmanuelle Maire, head of unit sustainable production, products and consumption, DG Env, European Commission - Unit ENV. B1 aims to facilitate the transition to a circular economy by (i) developing and implementing measures to reliably measure, compare and improve the environmental performance of organisations, products, services and technologies over their whole life cycle; (ii) promoting the supply of greener products, services and technologies and greener consumer choices on the EU and global markets.

Olivier Colly (pictured), chief information officer, Samsic - Samsic is one of the leaders of the business services sector in in Europe. It develops, under Samsic Facility and Samsic RH, a range of services conceived to enhance work environments and human resources. Samsic Group is present in 25 countries in Europe and beyond and employs 90,000 people.

Anna Königson Koopmans, product & marketing manager, Essity (Tork EasyCube) - Essity is a global hygiene and health company dedicated to improving wellbeing through products and solutions. Essity's products reach approximately 150 countries under the global brands Tena and Tork. Essity has about 47,000 employees and is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm.

Barry Kitz, quantitative data lead and network manager, HKP/Remunet - This organisation
brings companies together in 'chartered' industry peer networks that exchange information for mutual market insights. It supports companies in applying comparative and predictive 'big data' analysis techniques to optimally manage their human capitals. Since 1996, it served many of the Global Fortune 500 as well as industry representative bodies, such as EFCI.

Werner & Mertz Professional, Essity, CMS are sponsoring EFCI's 2019 Conference.

T: +32 2 225 83 30
E: [email protected]
W: www.efci.eu

18th April 2019

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