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Producing the steam behind the drain cleaning 'brain'

Puracator-ODC_397.jpgOspreyDeepclean is producing the steam behind the cleverly-designed Puracator unit - an effective, innovative and simple solution to blocked drains. And while the strapline is: 'To the P-Trap and beyond!' the machine can also clean, clear and pasteurise the drains of sinks and multi-deck refrigerated display cabinets without the need for you to dismantle the pipework.

Drains block for a number of reasons but frequently it is due to a build-up of fats and deposits and the growth of fungus in the drain. This causes significant blockages and a frustrating amount of aggravation.

Domestic sized drainage pipework is commonly used in many installations and access is
frequently limited. The dismantling of pipework for cleaning or clearing is both expensive and disruptive. Drainage issues include not only total blockages, but the build-up of troublesome obstruction, bad odours and infection.

The Puracator enables you to:

- Remove build up which creates blockages and offensive odours
- Clean, disinfect and coat with just one device
- Negotiate and clear 'P-Traps' and pipework with ease
- Eliminate the source of infection

It is efficient and time saving, simple to use and easily manoeuvrable and most importantly, it eliminates the need for pipework to be dismantled.

T: +44 (0)1908 511079
E: [email protected]
W: www.puracator.co.uk

T: 01242 513123
E: [email protected]
W: www.ospreydc.com

21st March 2019

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