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Morclean's ThermaSteam

* Morclean-Thermasteam.jpgThe new ThermaSteam trailer mounted industrial steam cleaner is built to effortlessly remove paint, graffiti and chewing gum without the use of harmful solvents or chemicals that typically run down to surface drains. The machine will also remove, oil, grease, wax coatings and bitumen, as well as withstand hard work and regular use.

Fitted with an impressive 500-litre water tank, it will run up to four times longer than a traditional jet washer due to its low water consumption rate of five litres/min versus the more normal 15-20 litres/min. This means that users no longer require a big, bulky generator to run a machine of this calibre in remote locations. The 500-litre tank will realistically run for just over 1.5 hours and is completely self-contained with its own diesel tank.

This machine is easy to use with features such as a user-friendly control panel, electric start, self-charging, easy loading and improved manoeuvrability. Also, it offers a significant reduction in time and labour compared to other traditional methods of cleaning.

Recommended for use on surfaces such as brick, stone, concrete, and tiles, the ThermaSteam is an ideal tool for use in areas such as building restoration, food production, hygiene control, hospitals, factories and transport and vehicle depots and more. It would have a myriad of uses when employed by local authority cleaning & restoration teams.

The ThermaSteam uses a soft-washing method. This means that the brick or stone is not affected by the powerful flow of the water, reducing the risk of damage, patches or stripes. It also does not erode the brickwork or natural stone after the removal of graffiti or paint, which can occur when using some more traditional jet washing machines.

"At Morclean, we have invested significant development time to ensure that the ThermaSteam effectively and economically disintegrates ground-in chewing gum without needing to freeze the gum or use potentially harmful chemicals and solvents," says the company's director Peter Morley.

"The ThermaSteam works by running a normal water supply through a pump to a boiler. The water is then heated and can reach temperatures of up to 150°c. The low volume of super-heated water and steam is then fed through heat resistant hoses to special nozzles, where a genuine 150°c is delivered. The surface being cleaned will be dry within a matter of minutes."

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21st March 2019

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