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Ideal machine for cleaning and sanitising any area with floor drainage

* Idrofoam-rinse.jpgThe electrically-powered IdroFoamRinse200 is ideal for cleaning non-carpeted areas that do not require vacuuming before cleaning and which have drains in the floor, such as washrooms, saunas, swimming pools, showers, gyms, changing rooms and camping grounds.

The machine can spray foam and rinse continuously, since it takes the water used in the process directly from the facility's water supply (as opposed to having its own tank), so downtime tends to be dictated by the machine's user, rather than the machine itself.

As the foam does not immediately fall onto the floor, but stays on the sprayed surfaces for some minutes, it provides a prolonged cleaning action for extra efficiency. The visual effect of foam also adds to the machine's efficiency. Since the foam covers in white all the surfaces where it is sprayed, the operator can easily check that every corner has been covered, thus allowing a complete action at every point.

The chemical concentrate is held in a 25-litre tank on the machine, which provides accurate dosing as required, while the internal air-compressor produces foam to the optimal density which is fully adjustable by the operator to suit the job being tackled. Rinsing is performed at an optimal pressure, suitable for small and medium-size rooms.

The machine is safe to use since the operator does not come into contact with the surfaces and objects being cleaned and nor will the operator be splashed by bouncing water, because rinsing is carried out at low pressure.

Manual work is reduced to a minimum since the dirt is removed by the chemical action of the foam and the mechanical action of rinsing, rather than scrubbing or wiping by the operator. Further, while the foam is acting on the sprayed surfaces, the operator is free to work on other surfaces. Therefore, even a big room can be completely foamed in a short time and with no idle time.

The machine offers several other advantages, such as chemical savings since the chemical is held in suspension in the foam and does not immediately fall onto the floor, as well as reduced power consumption as the machine requires little electrical power.

Weighing just 38Kg and measuring just 42cm x 68cm x 87cm (h), the machine is easy to carry from one job to another and easily transportable between facilities. It is also simple to operate via its handy control/regulation panel and simple and intuitive controls. It has a 10m cable and a 10m spray hose and comes with a range of accessories.

Italian manufacturer Santoemma tells us that laboratory tests prove that it is possible to remove 99.9% of bacteria using this machine, and that after use, the areas are left clean, sanitised and perfumed. It has given us this approximate performance data as a guide:

A room with 40sq.m of tiles plus five sanitary fixtures can be cleaned and sanitized in 10 minutes, using just 14 litres of water and 250 grams of chemical.
T: +39 02 3391 2487
E: [email protected]
W: www.santoemma.com

7th March 2019

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