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Vectair launches new aerosols in North & Latin America with 'Airadicate' odour neutraliser

* Vectair-new-aerosols.jpgAerosols, while a traditional method, still play a big part in the reduction of bad smells and are a popular, economical choice as an air freshener solution, globally. Their general reliability has been known for many years, although other non-aerosol aircare products have risen in popularity through the years, making aerosols seemingly 'old'. It's out with the old and in with the new at Vectair Systems though...

As an innovator in everything the company designs and manufactures, it has launched a new, innovative line of aerosols for the North and Latin America markets.

This new range features 'end user' friendly fragrances and label designs and the aerosol air fresheners for the Vectair Airoma and Vectair Micro Airoma dispensers, offer a proprietary ingredient, Airadicate, that helps to counteract malodours and neutralise the bad smells, leaving behind just the right amount of fragrance.

The Vectair Airoma aerosol range features 3000 and 9000 spray options with a 7oz. can while the Vectair Micro Airoma range features a 2.6oz can with Micro 3000 sprays. All refills fit the relevant competing air freshener dispensers for aerosols.

Customers will experience new fragrances such as Kiwi & Grapefruit and Wild Flowers through the range of aerosols and traditional citrus based fragrances have been upgraded to a modern 'Citrus Mango' to tie in with the Professional Passive Program - a suited line of washroom focused aircare products to provide one harmonious scent.

Chad Davis, executive vice president for Vectair Systems, reveals: "After an extensive testing period of more than a year, we're pleased to bring more new products to the North American aircare market, this time with our aerosols program.

"As we transition over to our exciting new fragrances, we've made it simple for our customers to transfer their customers to these new scents. If they were currently buying a certain fragrance, we've provided 'crossover charts' for our new fragrance that matches the existing scent they, or a facility, are using.

"We have you covered."

These new aerosols are for North & Latin America only and are not available in the UK and EMEA regions.

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21st February 2019

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