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Partnership will advance technology and software platform to combat HAIs

* Partnership.jpgUV Partners, (developer of the UV Angel Technology platform) and Surfacide, are unveiling their integrated advanced disinfection software at the 2019 Healthcare Information & Management Systems Society (HIMSS19) conference this week. This new software offering will allow for a combined disinfection data portal with advanced analytics capabilities.

Using the expansive disinfection datasets from UV Angel and Surfacide, healthcare personnel can:

* Streamline processes
* View disinfection status
* Take action based on extensive reporting capabilities
* View anywhere from the cloud

According to the Center for Disease Control, one in 31 hospital patients has a healthcare-associated Infection. HAIs can have devastating effect on one's physical, mental/emotional, and financial health. In addition, they cost billions of dollars in added expenses to the healthcare system.

Another concern is super germs. Research suggests that a growing number of HAIs are caused by pathogens (germs) that are outsmarting the antimicrobial drugs typically used to fight them. These are known as antibiotic germs.

At HIMSS19, UV Partners is alongside strategic partner, Surfacide, to demonstrate their respective UV-C disinfection technologies. Both companies are committed to improving the safety of staff and patients by reducing the threat of pathogens using UV-C light. This spectrum of ultraviolet light breaks down the DNA of pathogens rendering them incapable of reproduction and infection.

Together, with existing cleaning protocols, the technology platforms provide an added layer of protection for patients and staff. This is especially important in a time when hospitals need to take every available measure to guard against infection from antibiotic-resistant organisms and other infectious agents.

UV Partners' proprietary technology platform, UV Angel, is an intelligent, automated UV-C light disinfection system that continuously monitors surfaces to detect when they have been used and automatically disinfects hundreds of times per day without any assistance from staff. A growing body of evidence shows that high-touch, hard-to-clean surfaces, such as keyboards, mice, computer workstations, and other equipment can be significant sources of transmission for a number of healthcare-associated pathogens. In a recent published clinical study, it was demonstrated that bacteria levels were reduced by more than 99 percent on surfaces equipped with UV Angel technology.

"UV Partners is proud to work with an industry leader like Surfacide as we strive to provide safer and healthier environments for patients, employees, and families," says Tom Byrne, CEO of UV Partners. "Surfacide's multiple emitter entire room technology combined with UV Angel's continuous technology platform for high-touch surfaces is the latest example of our commitment to working with leading strategic partners.

"To help customers meet health & safety goals, we are providing a seamlessly integrated common web portal, with key disinfection data elements all in one place from our respective technologies.

"Together, we are making transformative advancements with innovative technology in the critical effort to reduce pathogens in healthcare."

Used by healthcare providers worldwide, Surfacide's patented Helios multiple emitter systems overcome the challenges inherent to all first generation, single emitter UV-C systems; namely, shadows, distance, and disinfection cycle times. Recent data indicate Helios can introduce an effective energy dose in significantly less time when compared to other first generation, single emitter systems-and do so at a highly competitive cost.

Incorporating multiple emitters reduces shadows and distance to critical fomites and offers the greatest potential for the reduction of bacteria, virus, and spore in the least amount of time.

Gunner Lyslo, Surfacide founder and chief executive officer, says: "We view the strategic relationship between Surfacide and UV Angel as the most comprehensive UV-C solution on the market.

"We are extremely pleased to be aligned with UV Angel. Together, we're empowering healthcare facilities with the most effective and cost-efficient UV-C disinfection program available anywhere."

www.uvangel.com / www.surfacide.com

21st February 2019

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