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Hyge Kickstarts wet wipe and toilet paper revolution

* HYGE.jpgHyge is revolutionising personal hygiene with its biodegradable wet wipe on a roll. With a modern design that fits seamlessly on existing toilet paper holders, Hyge says the product delivers a superior clean to its inferior toilet paper counterpart and is better for the environment.

The Michigan-based startup has launched a Kickstarter pre-order campaign running through 7th February, 2019, to bring Hyge to the consumer market later this year.

"The use of wet wipes is on the rise but not all wipes are created equal," notes Hyge co-founder Brent Fisher. "Many wipes marketed as flushable simply aren't and can wreak havoc on home and city sewer systems and contribute to long-term environmental issues.

"Others claim to be safe and natural, but actually contain ingredients that can cause irritation. Hyge is on a mission to revolutionise personal hygiene with the first-ever biodegradable and truly flushable wet wipe on a roll."

The product is:

- Good for you and the planet. Made with fully biodegradable cellulose fibres specifically designed to be flushed without causing septic or sewer issues, Hyge leaves you 80% cleaner than conventional toilet paper and cuts back on waste. One Hyge roll is equivalent to seven traditional toilet paper rolls. One tree provides some 288 more Hyge rolls than traditional toilet paper, reducing deforestation and working toward a cleaner future.

- Convenient. Following its Kickstarter campaign, Hyge will be available for one-time purchase and also a convenient recurring monthly subscription starting at $10 per month.

- Thoughtfully designed. Goodbye wipe packages. Hyge rolls are designed to be stored on existing toilet paper holders. The packaging exterior resembles the texture of toilet paper, when you lift the tab, you'll find wet wipes that are kept moist.

- Naturally safe for everyone. Hyge wipes are designed to provide a gentle clean that's safe for users of all ages. The thick and soft wipes are fragrance-free, hypoallergenic, free from harsh chemicals and dermatologist tested.

Hyge co-founder Tony Bird says: "By focusing on cleanliness, biodegradation, flushability and design, Hyge is the solution for sustainable hygiene with hassle-free convenience."

Through its Kickstarter campaign, Hyge is offering a chance to pre-order the first rolls and be a part of what the company believes is the first real toilet paper revolution since 1857. Once it is fully funded, those investing in the campaign will receive product plans ranging from a $4 pledge that will receive a single roll, $19 for a two-month plan, or three, six and 12-month plans depending on dollar amount contributed. Investments over $1,250 will receive a lifetime supply of Hyge at four rolls per month. Investments of $3,900 or more, will receive a Hyge lifetime supply as well as more perks.


31st January 2019

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