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Nilfisk TrackClean simplifies management of cleaning fleet

* Nilfisk-TrackClean.jpgHow do you track performance when you have multiple cleaning machines in different locations? What systems can you put in place to monitor the equipment, optimise performance and minimise cost? Fortunately, technology is available; it is tried, tested and will provide the transparency you need 24/7 to lower the total cost of cleaning and improve profitability.

Here, John Brill, sales director for Nilfisk, tells us how he sees the TrackClean fleet management system working in practice...

"Until recently, there was no way of monitoring how machines were used unless you had a supervisor on the ground. Even then the view was subjective; there was no data, no detail and no easy way to compare similar sites under the same contract.

Digital fleet management systems identified early on that 'planned' cleaning was often very different from 'actual' cleaning. It is common to see machines under-utilised in some areas whilst in others machines are overworked and incurring high service costs.

Importantly, data often reveals that cleaning is not performed on all of the days contracted - leaving the cleaning company open to dissatisfaction and complaint.

Cleaning teams on the ground often know just how to get the job done and will adapt cleaning plans to improve efficiency and result. This knowledge however is rarely shared between sites. Facility layouts can also differ significantly so what works in one location may need adapting for another.

Data analysis allows all parameters to be evaluated and feedback can then be given to cleaning teams. Non-subjective information is often better received by individuals on the ground, engaging them in useful dialogue and improving motivation.

So how does it work?

GPS software technology is installed on each machine and automatically transmits equipment operation data and location details to a secure web portal. The intuitive platform can be viewed day or night from a PC, tablet or smart phone. Reports can be scheduled to be sent directly via email and alerts can be created to notify when a machine is moved out of a designated area. Tracking assets and avoiding theft has never been easier.

Tracked operational data includes:

- Machine ID
- Location
- Machine working time
- Time of day
- Operator ID
- Battery level
- Transport time

Analysis of the data - specifically about consumable elements, often results in existing equipment being replaced with more cost-effective machinery which is better suited to the task and environment.

TrackClean works hand in hand with other Initiatives from the Nilfisk Group including SmartFlow, where the solution flow of water and detergent is automatically controlled by the speed of the machine significantly reducing water consumption. The EcoFlex chemical dosing system also controls water and chemical usage, facilitating a temporary boost of water, detergent and brush pressure for more aggressive spot cleaning. Complete consumption control further reduces cost and importantly also provides for chemical-free cleaning.

The TrackClean Fleet Management System is available on a range of machines in the Nilfisk portfolio. Interested parties are invited to request to see the system in action in the field or view the video for more detailed information.

Nilfisk is one of the world's largest manufacturers of commercial and industrial cleaning equipment. From tub vacs through to grounds maintenance equipment and road sweepers, Nilfisk offers a complete and affordable solution to all cleaning challenges."


T: 01768 868995
W: www.nilfisk.co.uk

7th January 2019

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