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Newly launched pH neutral spray takes the heat out of oven cleaning

* Bio-P-pH-neutral-spray.jpgSay goodbye to greasy grills and odorous ovens with the help of Bio Productions' new Neutral Oven Cleaner, which offers a non-corrosive and non-caustic solution to even the most stubborn grime and comes without the usual nasty odours one might expect when using a hard-hitting oven degreaser.

"Oven-cleaning might not be the most glamorous job but it is one of the most crucial," says managing director, Angela Gill. "It is especially important to get it right when it comes to cleaning with chemicals in food preparation areas, and we're confident that our Neutral Oven Cleaner is up to the challenge."

The all-purpose spray, based on Bio Production's award-winning Citra Clean, uses rheology technology to quickly and easily transform oven walls from greasy and grimy to squeaky clean. Importantly, it is also pH neutral, which means it can be used on a wide range of surfaces including aluminium. This opens up the product to the combi-oven market.

It carries none of the dangers some other heavy duty cleaners present when splashed on the user's skin, although for added safety it does still carry a warning that it may cause eye irritation.

"When we were developing Neutral Oven Cleaner, we knew we wanted to create a product that could be used by people from all different industries to turn back the clock on their ovens and provide perfect hygiene," Angela adds. "That is why we made a spray that is safe to use on aluminium and one that can also be used to clean all the surfaces of the oven - one spray will do it all!"

For light soiling, users need only spray the product and leave for approximately 15 minutes before attacking the grime with a scraper or scourer. For heavier soiling, the spray can be left to do its work for as long as one hour and can even be sprayed in a warm oven to combat tougher dirt.

The product is the latest in Bio-Productions' portfolio of environmentally-sympathetic, pH neutral and chemically innovative products designed to clean environments from healthcare to housekeeping, kitchen to carpets, washrooms to laundry and more. The manufacturer also produces a range of renowned biological products, which uses enzymes to naturally lift dirt.

"I really feel that our Neutral Oven Cleaner perfectly complements our existing range of products," says Angela. "We are all passionate about what we do at Bio-Productions, and I know the team are incredibly proud of what we have come up with - a powerful oven-cleaning solution that gets the job done efficiently and effectively, whilst caring about the user as well as the environment."


7th January 2019

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