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'World first' has global health & safety implications

* Trolley-Castor.jpgCastor mounted units are used by many organisations within hygiene and cleanroom areas but by their very nature they can be hard to clean and can even spread germs.

This aftermarket, injection moulded, fitted and self-sealing castor wheel cover is manufactured from clear or coloured Liquid Silicone Rubber or Thermoplastic Elastomer and it makes the cleaning of equipment for use in high level hygiene environments more time efficient and sanitary.

The cover is designed to prevent contamination of castor wheels within; food, pharmaceutical, biological, medical, automotive, aerospace, optical, nanotechnology and military industries, as well as laboratory and research facilities.

Dishwasher and autoclave safe, the cover can be offered in four colours and clear: white for cleanroom applications, orange for safety, metallic silver to mimic stainless steel for aesthetic considerations and grey to match industry standard flooring colours. Custom colour matching and logo embossing will be offered as an option.

At the end of a shift, or in the event of contamination, the user can easily remove the cover, put it through a dishwasher or autoclave, and replace the cover... saving valuable time. It can take one cleaning cycle (5 mins) of a dishwasher or autoclave to do the 12 wheels of four units, ensuring that the units are fully regulatory compliant.

The individuals who will benefit most are the customers, the people at the coal face:

* Environmental health officers in knowing that the public are protected from a potential source of contamination;
* Compliance directors by knowing that their company is satisfying the regulations and protecting its customers;
* And end users, the people who clean the equipment that supports these businesses in achieving their mission statement, by saving them time and work.

"This concept seems to be a great idea!" says Kevin Gosling, environmental health manager, Winchester City Council. "Throughout my career, when undertaking routine food hygiene inspections, I have seen many a wheel on moveable equipment that is dirty even within premises where there are strict controls on cleaning.

"If this design has the ability to keep a difficult area clean it can only be good for the food industry and any other industry that uses equipment with wheels."

Nick Davis, creator of the cover, states: "This invention is a world first. It is such a simple idea - as the best ones often are, that solves a need for any organisation that utilises castor mounted units in hygiene and cleanroom areas.

"I was very surprised when the patent search came back confirming that I am the first person on the planet to patent this idea. I own the UK patent and have multiple patent protections in other overseas jurisdictions including the EU, USA, China, South Korea and Japan.

"The cover is now a completed project designed for a cost-effective manufacturing process with a marketing programme, with a motivated sales force and a resilient client base.

"Given potential licensees' current business profile the only capital investment would be the tooling costs and the cover is designed for a one step fully automated manufacturing process to save on those costs.

"An independent review of the markets forecast sales of 94bn+ units worldwide."

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29th November 2018

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