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Counting the cost of cleanliness

* Counting-the-cost.jpgSimon Biggs, Partner at Monthind Clean, East Anglia's largest independent cleaning company, looks at the return on investment of utilising the services of a cleaning contractor and how buyers should consider the wider impacts of a lack of investment...

"When we meet someone, we can subconsciously make up our mind whether we like them or not within a tenth of a second, and we are just as quick to decide whether or not we want to give our business to a company based on first impressions.

Whether it's dirty windows, an untidy reception area, stains on the carpet, or unsanitary washrooms, the lost revenue is likely to far exceed the cost of a contract cleaner. An industry survey revealed that a whopping 97% of customers wouldn't return to a restaurant with dirty toilets; that's a phenomenal loss of business before considering the impact of poor reviews and word of mouth.

We advise clients to take a look at their premises as if they are seeing them for the first time, starting outside to consider that all-important kerb appeal. Is the outside area clean and well signposted? Are the gutters and fascias clean? Are the walls in need of a washdown? Is the reception area clean and uncluttered? All organisations should consider the message they are sending to their customers, visitors and staff.

Keeping a workforce happy and comfortable can be attributed to a pleasant working environment too. But it's not just aesthetics; a clean workplace has been proven to reduce sickness, enhance morale and increase productivity. A 2017 report concluded that employees' top motivational wish list wasn't pool tables and basketball hoops, but clean washrooms, office plants and pleasant breakout areas.

In the UK alone, approximately 34 million workdays are lost per year as a result of even minor illnesses like coughs and colds. Washrooms are a haven for germs and often used as a yardstick for not only the cleanliness of an establishment, but also its general company ethos. If a business premises isn't clean and well maintained, what will people assume about their attitude towards their delivery of products or services?

Another hotspot for nasties is the trusty keyboard. We type away on them all day, leaving behind dead skin and other nasty stuff as we go. Not to mention any unexpected sneezes over the keys or unwitting food spillages into the gaps. A study conducted in 2016 found that the average keyboard harbours 200,000 times more bacteria than a toilet seat.

With the trend for hot-desking, it's even more important to maintain and monitor high standards of cleanliness of IT equipment. A good contract cleaning company will ensure keyboards and telephone headsets are left sparkling clean and hygienic, which will also increase their lifespan.

Finally, something that is often overlooked is preserving the longevity of carpets, hard floors and equipment with regular deep cleaning. As a cleaning contractor, this means investment in specialist staff and equipment, but it pays long-term dividends for our clients."

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22nd November 2018

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