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They say you can't have too much of a good thing, so I'm hoping that the arrival of last week's Cleanzine in your inbox this morning (thanks to a computer glitch) wasn't 'too much of an issue' for you!

Ocean cleanup company, 4ocean, has unveiled its latest recovery vessel, a 135-foot ship that will join the fleet in gathering plastic and other debris accumulating in estuaries and coastlines globally, as well as responding to emergencies. It contains an excavator barge, marsh excavator, fast landing craft and a new design of collection booms that can be laid out in petal fashion to increase coverage while having access to the beach too. The marsh excavator comprises a long reach excavator and set of swamp tracks to work on soft soil to remove and separate plastics from mud.

The logistics of trying to manoeuvre large equipment complicates cleanup, so the fleet includes small 'panga' vessels which hold four to five 'supersacks' carrying 1,500 pounds of plastic. The larger Ocean Plastic Recover Vessel can bring in 310,000 pounds in one trip alone.

"Our mission with the new vessel is to attack shoreline plastic simultaneously while booms are collecting plastic debris," said 4ocean co-founders Alex Schulze and Andrew Cooper. "We will also be handling reclamation projects in large areas to clean up oceans and river deltas. Our new Bobcat excavator uses a custom claw and hook on the front with teeth to leave behind dirt and only grab plastic. Our job is to collect as much plastic as possible, clean up the areas, install booms and employ locals to service and maintain the booms long-term."

Since launching in January 2017, 4ocean has pulled over two million pounds of plastic and other debris from our ocean and coastlines. Its efforts are completely funded through the sale of recycled bracelets and sustainability products, where every item purchased funds the removal of at least one pound of rubbish. By creating jobs, utilising the latest technology and raising awareness about the impact of ocean rubbish, the company's building the first economy for ocean plastic and creating a cleaner, more sustainable future for us.

Christmas is coming and the bracelets, which come in several colours (www.4ocean.com ), will make a great 'stocking filler'. And as well as helping support this great initiative, they will serve as a reminder to us all, that we need to create less rubbish and dispose of our waste sensibly.

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Jan Hobbs

15th November 2018

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