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Dolphin: Supplier of all things washroom related...

* Dolphin-Solutions.jpgFrom the moment you enter Dolphin Solutions' reception, you are greeted by music that is supplied not via a Musak tape on endless loop, but by a genuine baby grand piano! That's the first nod to quality at the company, with true resonant sound being provided by an actual musical instrument - far superior to anything provided digitally.

You might be familiar with the Dolphin Solutions name from when the company won the 2017 Cleaning Show Innovation Award, having impressed the judges with its Twin Micro and Mini Jumbo products. However, the company is not 'just' a washroom dispenser manufacturer; it is truly a washroom solutions provider.

* John-Cornish-mirrored.jpgMany building architects and owners are now taking the view that rather than opt for ordinary, they or their clients desire a bespoke washroom solution that not only reflects the aspirations of the business, but one which also enhances the washroom experience.

Rather than settle for the usual dispenser line-up that well... everyone has, many of Dolphin Solutions' customers are choosing a tailored solution where the dispensers for soap, water, paper towels and even warm air for hand drying, are completely out of sight behind a mirrored surface.

All users have to do is place their hands beneath the appropriate labelled dispensing point.

The result is clean, smart lines that will never date, presenting an easy-to-clean and easy-to-service washroom that most washroom service personnel will thank you for!

As well as looking extremely smart, the ample 750mm individual space allowance keeps users within convenient distance parameters, with water, soap and drying options alongside each other, saving people traipsing all over the washroom with water dripping onto the floor, as they look for a hand drier or paper towel dispenser.

* Dolphin-taps.jpgThe consumables are monitored electronically (IoT), and the mirrors are conveniently hinged, so that when washroom service personnel enter they can see at a glance from an illuminated advisory in the mirror itself, that soap or paper towels need topping up, which they can immediately do, without needing to check every other dispenser first.

* Disabled-access.jpgBy no longer having to check every individual dispenser, this saves considerable time - especially important for washroom personnel having to service a 90-floor building or similar. In fact, it has been estimated that 60% of janitorial time is wasted just checking dispensers. A Dolphin Solutions washroom tells the service operative just exactly what needs to be done and where.

A Dolphin Solutions washroom is modular, built off-site, and installed just when the building is ready for it. London's iconic Shard, the so-called Walkie Talkie and the Gherkin are but just three London iconic skyline buildings that feature washrooms from Dolphin Solutions.

In addition, the company provides accessible washrooms for the disabled, and indeed it also provides those on site at its own premises.

For those customers who prefer a more traditional washroom, with counter, panel, or recessed mounted options, Dolphin Solutions offers a quality range of washbasin taps, some PVD (Physical Vapour Deposition) coated to achieve metallic finishes such as rose gold, copper, black, bronze, gold and brass.

The added colour transforms washrooms from ordinary to extraordinary. PVD coatings are harder and more corrosion-resistant than coatings applied by a standard electroplating process. Most coatings have high temperature and good impact strength, excellent abrasion resistance, and are so durable that further protective topcoats are almost never necessary.

Dolphin Solutions also offer the Prestige range of stainless steel dispensers, along with the Elements range - a high quality but lower cost entry-level range.

* inners.jpg* line.jpgDesigned-in features benefit washroom service personnel in other ways. For example, they are able to convert Twin Roll toilet paper dispensers to a Mini Jumbo in moments, without even having to take the dispenser off the wall, simply by changing the core configuration internally.

For coreless Jumbo rolls, the Dolphin Solutions spindle is made so that it does actually spin. This means that instead of the paper roll getting wound down so tight on an immovable spike that the Jumbo roll can no longer rotate to dispense, the spindle rotates until every last inch of the paper is used until the end.

In support of customers, the company not only has its own in-house test facility, but IoT data gathered from installations provides extremely useful information for facilities managers who want to know just how often any particular dispenser is used.

Order-to-delivery completion is very fast, usually within two days, as the company also holds stock items for repeat customers, so these are often immediately available. The company also holds stocks of badge plates, so even bespoke orders can be printed and fulfilled very quickly.

As a manufacturer, Dolphin Solutions likes to protect its customers' interests in other ways, and as an example, the new North Shore dispenser range that it makes for Northwood - replacing its Bay West range, has security pins so that no other products can go into the dispenser. The manufacturer also provides colour-coded actuators as a guide to reordering.

With newly refurbished offices, the teams in administration, design, production, and sales that make up Dolphin Solutions can always be relied upon to show their customers integrity, quality, care and enthusiasm.


1st November 2018

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