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The increasingly important role of technology in the cleaning industry

* Future-Of-Industrial-Cleaning.jpgCleanhire, the St Helens, Merseyside supplier of industrial floor cleaning machines, argues the case for incorporating technology into your cleaning program...

Although a bit of traditional 'elbow grease' is still essential when achieving a clean environment, it is an undeniable fact that technology is playing an increasingly important role.

The emergence of new trends will help to revolutionise the entire sector and it is critical for companies to appreciate the options at their disposal in order to provide the most targeted services to a growing client base. What are some notable advancements and what might the future hold?

The growing presence of robotics:

Robots have begun to make their way into the world of cleaning. To be clear, we are not necessarily referring to fully autonomous units that are able to work on their own. Many cleaning robots will still require the presence of a human counterpart. These efficient machines are helping to tackle tasks that would have represented costly and time-consuming concerns for customers in the past.

Artificial Intelligence:

Otherwise known as 'AI', artificial intelligence represents another leap forward within the cleaning industry. Some examples include floor-sweeping robots that are now capable of learning the dimensions of a room and units able to carry out tasks based upon a growing number of discrete voice commands. These are often utilised in conjunction with more traditional cleaning methods so that even large projects can be completed within amenable time frames.

Automated monitoring systems:

Many companies are looking to adopt a more proactive approach so that the needs of the customer are better satisfied. This can be partially accomplished through the use of computerised monitoring systems. Suited for both domestic and commercial environments, such technology provides real-time feedback to the end users. Changes in humidity levels, temperature readings and even the detection of accidental spills are some common metrics which can be observed. Should a problem occur, it can be dealt with quickly and effectively.

Integrated solutions:

Cleaning firms are now able to leverage the power associated with centralised control platforms and automated reporting techniques. Job completion times can be analysed, customer feedback can be aggregated and in-house productivity will be positively affected as a result. This will also lead to higher levels of customer satisfaction as well as continuous quality improvement; both key concerns within such a competitive sector.

Smart reporting applications:

Self-service architecture is likewise proving to represent a powerful tool, as customers can request services when they are needed the most. Whether referring to scrubber driers, floor sweepers or temporary machine rentals, clients are able to choose the tools that are best suited for the task at hand. Downloadable mobile applications and "smart" reporting widgets are also becoming more widespread; enhancing the services offered by cleaning firms.


11th October 2018

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