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Why is it that what the majority of us see as a 'no-brainer' seems to escape those who ultimately make the decisions?

Once again - this time in Canada - hospital staff have been protesting against cuts in funding for frontline healthcare services, arguing that reduced cleaning budgets lead to greater numbers of healthcare acquired infections (well it figures, doesn't it?). These cuts - and protests - are happening virtually all over the world.

Families of patients who've died or suffered life changing illnesses as a result of picking up an HAI sue the facility/Trust concerned. Valuable time and trouble is spent by hospital teams fighting these cases and if they lose they have to pay up. OK I'm assuming that these costs are covered by the offending facilities' insurers, but when one considers the huge price of insurance - a price that's rising rapidly each year because of the need to cover the increasing number of lawsuits being fought, doesn't it make sense to prevent the infections - and thus the subsequent lawsuits - in the first place?

Cleaners are amongst the lowest earners in society. We need more of them in our hospitals - doing a great job and preventing infection - rather than fewer. We need good cleaning equipment and people trained properly in how to use it. I believe the saying goes something like: 'Look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves'. Do you see where I'm coming from?

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Jan Hobbs

20th September 2018

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