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The art of keeping your audience captivated...

* Sawchuck.jpgMike Sawchuk, president of Sawchuk Consulting, works with business professionals helping them refine their presentation skills. He says that one of the biggest problems is that many presenters use words like "Ah", "Um" and "You know" in their talks. "These are filler words," he argues.

"We typically say about one a minute, but before an audience, we may use five every minute, that's about 12 per second". Here he gives some tips on how to keep your audience captivated, when making a presentation...

"Distributors, as well as all business professionals, are expected to give presentations more than ever today. These presentations may be before a small or large group of people.Using too many filler words can have serious business ramifications. For instance:

- They are distracting. Soon the listener pays more attention to how many filler words you use than what you are actually saying.

- Listeners think you are nervous. Listeners want you to be calm and commanding. They want to believe in you and what you have to say. You lose this with excessive filler words.

- Your personality does not come through. You may be the easiest going person in the room. But using filler words every 12 seconds covers up who you really are.

- They tune you out. Eventually, listeners stop listening and look forward to your talk coming to an end.

So, how do we end this filler word problem?

Because filler words are typically the result of being nervous before an audience, here are some recommendations:

- Record your presentation and listen to yourself talk; become aware of how often you use filler words. This makes you more aware of them.

- Give your presentation before someone else and have them monitor your use of filler words; again, this makes you cognisant of their use.

- At the podium, take a few minutes before you begin talking to gather your notes, your thoughts, and be comfortable.

- Look for a friendly face in the room and start your presentation looking at that person.

And most importantly, be prepared, know your stuff. This will make you feel assertive and in command. The filler words will soon disappear."


16th August 2018

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