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Survey reveals safety managers' confidence with workplace eyewash stations

* Safety-Survey.jpgFrom small particles like sawdust and cement chips to chemicals that cause burns, there are numerous workplace hazards that pose a risk to employees' eyes. A survey conducted among 124 safety professionals at the 2018 ASSP Professional Development Conference last month in Texas, reveals whether businesses are prepared for these difficult-to-avoid eye injuries.

Conducted by Cintas Corporation, a leading provider of workplace first aid and safety supplies, the survey found that just three in 10 safety managers are extremely confident that their eyewash station would properly function in the event of an emergency.

"Each year, productivity losses, medical expenses and workers' compensation costs related to eye injuries total more than $300 million," says Katie Gough-Edwards, director of marketing - first aid & safety, Cintas. "Businesses must have effective eyewash stations installed, accessible and regularly maintained to reduce the impact of eye injuries that can cause serious damage and even permanent loss of vision if not properly and quickly treated."

Some 77% of the survey respondents have plumbed-in eyewash units, 59% have gravity fed units and 41% have supplemental bottles onsite. The survey also revealed safety managers' confidence around the following:

* Employees can easily locate and access the eyewash station - just 36% of respondents are extremely confident
* The eyewash station is regularly maintained - only four in 10 safety managers are extremely confident

The Safety Director eyewash station gives employees access to a functioning eyewash station in the event of an emergency. Cintas installs these gravity-fed units, conducts monthly inspections and services the units quarterly. Cintas also provides plumbed eyewash units with various mounting options and emergency eye and skin wash bottles to act as a supplemental eyewash station.


2nd August 2018

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